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Saturday, August 7, 2021

Zombie field back pack

 Zombie field back dat my Mommie made fur us
Dis section goes over da Zombie back pack and it's contents
1) Zombie Smasher - Dis is a club wiffhs spikes on it...it is used tu smash Zombies
2) Zombie net - Dis is used tu fhrow over da Zombie(s) it has Zombie desentragrating anti dotes on it dat kills da Zombie(s) and dey goes poof intu thin air
3) Zombie gun - Dis is filled wiffhs Zombie balls dat when shot at da Zombie(s) will degenerate dem and poof up in smoke
4) Zombie net gun - Dis is fired over da Zombie(s) using a net dat comes out ob da gun when fired...When used it goes over dem and da net has also desentragrating anti dots dat poof again up in da air wikes smoke
5) Zombie fart bombs - Dese bombs are small wikes grenades dey iz filled wiffhs Zombie killen farts...Wen used dey fhrow dem at da Zombie(s) and dey blows dem up...Yu haves tu du clean up wiffhs dese so makes sure yu wear Zombie gloves den puts dem in Zombie garbage bags fur yur safety
6) Zombie gloves - Dese are used fur pwotection when handeling Zombie slush
7) Zombie garbags bags - Dese are used tu puts Zombie slush (

Zombie Ratcoon on back porch Mom
Me and Fritter Lee aka da Kid wooking fur Beach Zombies wiffhs Mommie
Me and Fritter Lee aka da Kid waiten fur Mommie in car waiten tu go wooks fur Zombies...Hurry up Mommie lets go!

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