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Hi eberyone I iz a 13 year old Westie gurl I libes in California wiffhs my Mommie Papa Fritter Lee and three Chickins Janie Gretta and Julie I iz a Lt Col in da Zombie Squad #zshq

Friday, August 6, 2021

Zombie Squad mission #109

I libes wiffhs Mom Papa and Fritter Lee my bruvva. We libes on two acres way outs in da country.
Mom has three chickins Janie, Gretta and Julie. Dey use tu habes horses Lil Joe and Laser. Dey kept dere hay in da barn and den dey fed da horses in da hay barn stalls.
One day when I woz training Fritter Lee fur being a Zombie Squad soljur we came acwoss sompen vewy interesting.
I woz showen Fritter Lee da Zombie technique ob cwaling on yur stomach tu sneaks up on Zombies when I heard a funny noise coming from da barn.
Well I told Fritter Lee tu stay behind me and keeps up da rear. I dwopped tu my belly and told Fritter Lee tu du da same but be careful not tu gibes us away coz I fought diz culd be a barn Zombie.
Da sound woz getten louder as we appwoached closer and closer *paws sweating, heart beating fast.* We cwalled on our bellies until we weached da door ob da barn. Fritter Lee woz goofing awound wiffhs a stick he founded and I told him "Fritter Lee..." he kept it up..."PWIVATE Fritter Lee dwop dat stick." I whispered he giggled den dwopped da stick.
I told him tu stay behind me *heart beating louder paws sweating bad.*
I stood up and told Fritter Lee tu du da same but stay behind me and drop dat stick! Whispering he sayed "otay" and dwopped da stick again...silly soljur.
I heard da sound coming frum inside da barn. I peeked awound da corner ob da door and dere he woz..da ugliest barn Zombie I eva seen he was eaten da hay...he smelt wike wotten socks...
I told Fritter Lee tu get me my Zombie net gun frum inside my Zombie field pack..."no not dat..." its the fing I sayed  tu Fritter Lee he woz giggling.. "stop dat giggling" I sayed quietly tu him "and gives me da Zombie net gun."

I took da Zombie net gun and pwoceeded tu gets closer and closer *heart weally beating faster paws sweating pwofusly*

Da Zombie woz so stupid he woz eating and eating and didn't even see us come in.

Den wuld yu believe it Fritter Lee cut da cheese! Yep a big old boofa boofa and it smelled tuu!

Well da Zombie herd it and looked *heart beating faster paws sweating a lot*

I told Fritter Lee "dang dat stinks couldn't yu have not done dat?" He giggled "ob course."
Da Zombie started coming towards us I told Fritter Lee tu stand fast..I waised da Zombie net gun took aim and fired...SWOOSH SWOOSH went da net wight out ob da gun da way it suppose tu du..it surrounded da barn Zombie and POOF POOF up in thin air da bar Zombie went, dere woz nofhing left but culd still smell him so I spwayed some Zombie spway and it smelled better.
I went ova tu wher da Zombie woz tu check it out and den it happened again...POOF POOF yep it woz Fritter Lee again wiffhs da boofa. Dis time I grabbed my Zombie gas mask cuz he weally stinks fur a tiny soljur and putted it on and told Fritter Lee "we shuld bottle dis stuff tu fights Zombies cuz yu smells as bad as dey du!" He giggled den picked up another stick.
When all woz checked out me and Fritter Lee walked back tu da houze tu have Mom wash my Zombie net in Zombie clothes soap...werks eberytime....
A story frum yur fwiend Frisbee aka Goobie da Master Zombie Hunter and Pwivate Fritter Lee da Kid

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