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Hi eberyone I iz a 13 year old Westie gurl I libes in California wiffhs my Mommie Papa Fritter Lee and three Chickins Janie Gretta and Julie I iz a Lt Col in da Zombie Squad #zshq

Monday, September 21, 2015

Gud nite my dear fwiend in Blogville and pwayers

Well it's time fur me tu put my pj's on and goes tu bed....before I lays my head on my pillow and goes tu sleep I will say my pwayers tu God dat all da fur pals whut don'ts gotted fureber homes find one...dat all da fur babies whut libes on da stweet get shelter frum da weafher, food tu eat and watur tu dwink and dat God keeps dem safe and dat all fur pals and non fur pals whut are ill dat dey getted better weally soon....

I also say pwayers fur da fur babies whut is at Rainbow Bridge in Heaben dat God watches ober dem and keep dem safe...which I knows he du cuz he is at Rainbow Bridge in Heaben wiffhs dem ebery day and ebery nite....

I'd like tu say a special pwayer fur my boyfwiend Rowdy...Rowdy is not doing well tunite...he's been sick fur a few days...tuday he did eats sompen but he can't walk...I pway tu God dat Rowdy has good blood test weports tumorrow and dat he stawts walken and has a speedy speedy wecovery....He means so much tu me he's my luv and fiance dat I don't want him tu be sick....LUVS YU ROWDY TU DA MOON AND BACK FUREBER AND EBER MY LUV!

Nitey nite sweet fwiends and Rowdy....



Da Dandylion stury

Dere is a stowy bouts Dandylions and my fwiend Bonnie da Westie.....

Bonnie has a good phylosify on life as du hur Muvva....

She belived da followen:

Life is as fragile as a Dandylion
Tweasure each second before it is gone wiffhs da wind....

Dis is bootiful and it's our Bonnie fur sure....

She was neber mean tu any fur pal or hoomen she luved eberybody

She was always vary luving, kind and wespectsful tu eberybody

She was a special fwiend dat God putted intu my life...yes God (my Mom tole me) puts people intu yur life fur a weason and I beliebes he putted Bonnie intu mine tu help me gwow as a fur baby and tu learn abouts life and why it deals us da cawds it du....

Yes dis is our pwecious Angel Bonnie da Westie.....

Luvs yu Bonnie and Muvva tu da moon and back fureber and eber amen...

As I was walken wiffhs my Mom tuday I seen dis Dandylion ands fhoughts bouts yu Bonnie my luv....Eber since yu's been gone up tu Rainbow Bridge tu be wiffhs God I been seeing dem ebery day...Dis is a sign frum yu frum da Bridge dat yu awe wiffhs me ebery day...walken by my side on walks wiffhs my Mom and while outs on pawtrolls....Fhank yu Bonnie fur da Dandylion I luvs yu tu da moon and back my luv tu da moon and back fureber and eber....
Me dearest fwiends...yu can's check outs Bonnie's Blog fur da stowy dat includes da phylosify dat Bonnie hads abouts how pwecious life is at hur Blog...

Just look at dis news fwiend!

Dis is just WONORFUL NEWS bouts our precious Angel Bonnie da Westie my bestest fureber and eber special fwiend...me gurlfwiend....

I iz back my fwends!

I haz got all sorted owt in heaven and now me got to help my fwends down on earth.

So wile muvver sortin owt me effureal ritings and fings, I bin sortin owt sum moosic for yoo to listen to.

I love you so much my fwends, fankoo for takin care ov me muvver wile me was on me journey to heaven. I luffs yoo so much for makin sure she woz ok. I worried bowt her but I had to go to heaven. Pssst *wispurs* its rilly nice up here, bacon and sossiges forever an loadsa fwends to play wif. An yoo can haz wotever wevver yoo wantz so if yoo likes to play in da snow yoo juz fink abowt it an yoo gets it. Or sunshine an flowers an dere dey iz rite infront of yoo. Itz amazin.

Dunt ever let yoo hoopawrents be scareded of letting yoo come here cuz it speshul place. I be very happy here but I know me muvver an fwends miss me, an dey carnt see me cuz me an angel, but I iz always wif yoo all an wif muvva, cuz in heaven yoo can be everyware at once. How cool is dat?

Anyway here's couple songs for yoo wot me likes. One is message from me, to remind yoo all I iz always here for yoo, wotever, and second one is just happy one me qwite likes bahahahaha

I luffs yoo all soo much! 

See whut did I tells yu isn't dis just WONORFUL NEWS????

We dedicate dese flowers tu yu sweet Bonnie da Westie

I was fhinken ob yu Bonnie my luv da obher day outside in my Mom's Garden in da fwont...I was wonderen whut I culd du tu honor yur memory....I asked my Mom "Mom whut culd I du tu honor my bestest eber fureber luvin special fwiend dat I culd see?" My Mom sayed tu me "Frisbee I knows how much yu luvs Bonnie and I luv hur tuu so whut we can du is tu plant sompen in hur honor....dis way when it blooms yu will always be weminded ob Bonnie and she'll be lookin down on yu....when it doesn't bloom (which is only a short time), dat doesn't mean Bonnie don't luvs yu anymore and dat she's not watchen ober yu frum Rainbow Bridge it just means da flowers are taken a sleep while Bonnie is given classes on bein a Nurse...At Rainbow Bridge dere are no injurys or sickness but it always helps tu keep up on Nursing stuff so when she comes down tu be's wiffhs yu frum da Bridge she will be weady fur anyfhing."

My Mom....she's so smart.....

So Bonnie we planeted dese twu plants fur yu...dey are called Cosmo's and dey bloom fur quite a long time....because dey bloom dat means, (like my Mom sayed) Yu are looken down frum da Bridge watchen ober me....

Dese flowers are also fur yur Muvva Hazel...dey are pwetty and sweet and so is she....

I pwomise tu help my Mom takes good care ob dese bootiful flowers in honor ob yur memory my fureber and eber luving special fwiend and I will neber furget yu...eberytime I looks at dese flowers I will fhink ob yu...

Luv always 
aka gurlfwiend

A poem fur Bonnie da Westie my special fwiend and hur Muvva

I was taken my daily walk wiffhs my Mom Lindy on da twails back in da woods and started fhinkin ob yu our precious Angel Bonnie and yur Muvva and dese fhoughts came intu my mind so I sat down tuday and wote dem dowm dey are just fur yu sweet Angel and yur wonderful Muvva...........As I looked at the dandillion I fhought ob yu my luvs.....

I'm not much ob a poet but hewe it goes.........

I was walken in da woods wiffhs my Mom fhinkin ob yu
I wasn't cwyin or sad cuz dat's not wat yu wuld wants me tu du

Yu were called by God and taken away frum us so early in yur life
Yu did not disobey dat was not yu and yu went tu be by Gods side wiffhouts a strife

Yu were loved by so many even if dey did not know yu fur a long time
Yu touched dere hearts in a special way 
Dey kept on luven yu each and ebery day

Now yur up in heaben wiffhs God at Rainbow Bridge playen likes a puppy again just waiting tu we-unite wiffhs yur Muvva who is wonderful and one ob a kind
She overlooked yur illnesses and luved yu so dear she didn't mind

Yur Muvva and yu have such a wonderful bond
It goes from our Earth up intu da skys at Rainbow Bridge and miles beyond

Yes yu have left us tu journey tu da wonderful safe Rainbow's Bridge 
Where yu will await yur Muvva's awival frum da ridge

Yu habe touched my heart deep down in a special place inside
I miss yu eber day and ebery nite but I know yu arw always wiffhs me wight by my side

We'll meet again on day at Rainbow Bridge and whut a gloious day dat will be
Tu habe my bestest fureber and eber special fwiend back wiffhs me

I luvs yu and yur Muvva tu da moon and back my luv
Yu means so much tu me and yu are boffhs so gentle just likes a duve

Da End.....

Written by Frisbee Bradley and hur Mom tu our pwecious Bonnie da Westie and hur Muvva Hazel......

We will neber furgets yu Bonnie my luv and yur Muvva...Don'ts wurry bouts yur Muvva Bonnie fur over time she will be otay....Yu will stay in hur heawt and in ours fureber and eber.....Tucked away in a special place within our heawts in a lil box until we meet once again at Rainbow Bridge...On dat day we will romp and play in our new bodys like pups again and I will shawe whut's inside my special box wiffhs yu....and we will fureber be tughetur and watch from Rainbow Bridge down on our Mom's maken sure dey are safe....We will walks wiffhs dem in spirit by dere side ebery day and be wiffhs dem at nite in da spirit along with God....xoxoxoxoxo

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Whuts up wiffhs dis??????

Welcome tu my Blog....da Blog dat is all abouts me and my adbentures I habes wiffhs sissy Pickie and our Mom Lindy.....*wispers* We calls hur MaMa Lindy fur showt.....

Otay...whut's up wiffhs followers ob my Blog?? I sure don'ts habes many followers *leaky eyes* POO! *rolls eyes* I getted a lot ob weaders weading my Blog but not many followers......sooooo....whut wuld I be doin wong??? 

Mom sayed it's otay not eberybody likes dese kinds ob Blogs.....WHUT??? Whuts not tu like abouts dis kind ob Blog???

Dis was just my question.....Please feel fwee tu follow me Blog ifen yu like tu.....

BUT NO SPAMMERS PLEAZE!!!! *talken like a pirate* Or me will makes yu walks da plank me buckooo! AArrrrgggghhhh!

Dat's it Dis is all I wanted tu say....gudbye....gud nite...gud Zombie Squad hunten...gudness gwavie...gud fureber....gud tu goes.....and gud luck!! BOL *rolls on floor laughing* 

Da End!

Frum yur fwiend and mine me....Frisbee Bradley...aka Goobie.....da WuNdEr WeStIe!!!


At ease soljurs! Smoke em ifen yu habes em!! BOL bye bye  

Pirate week starting September 22

  *Talking deep like a Pirate* Weeelll me mateys Aaaarrr it's almust time fur Pirate week Aaaarrrarrr.....

Pirate week starts on Septemember 22nd.....

Hewe awe some ob my Zombie Squad Seal fwiends whut are Pirates.....



AAArrrrrr...*talken likes a Pirate* Aaarrrr me mateys dis be me....Peg Legg Goobie...I'm pwetty wough and tough Pirate...Hide yur Gold cuz I is comen tu getted it!

Arrr me mateys just one ob my many looks as a Pirate...Siver me timbers!

I will come at yu wiffhs boffhs barrels a blasten Aaarrrr!

Arrrrr...yet anobher one ob me desguises me mateys!

Arrrrrr me Pirate ship Mabel....Aarrrr da bestest ship on da Ocean! Arrrrr

Arrrr.....Ho ho ho ands a bottle of wum!....Aarrrr!

Dis is da flag we flys on me Pirate ship mateys....Aaarrr!

Me furst mate...Aarrrr!

We will be ons da look outs fur dis Zombie Pirate ship da week ob 9/22/15...Aarrrr.....

Aftar we steels yur Gold we will burry it in a secweat place...Aaarrrrr!

We will be fighten da Zombie Pirates da week ob 9/22/15 at high sea's....Aarrrr!

Arrrrrr me mateys...dis be my Gold....Watches out if yu twys tu steel it frum me! I will makes yu walk da plank and feeds yu tu da sharks....Arrrr!

Pirates only sign dat hangs in me statewoom on my Pirate ship...Aaarrrr just twy ands enter!

A Zombie Pirate

Anothur Zombie Pirate...Aaarrrr I is comin aftar yu...Aaarrr!

Yet anothur Zombie Pirate...Aarrrr be pwepared tu be destwoyed by Captain Peg Legg Goobie....Aaarrrr!
Well me mateys dat's about it....Ifen yu wants tu join me on Tweeter ands ifen yu habes a Tweeter account luk me up....Aaarrrr....or else yu will walk da plank buckoo! (only kidden)

Da End me Buckoos! Aaarrrrr!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Good nite all!

Well anobher day has gone by....so much has happened dis past few weeks and I feel I habes grown a little inside.....Fhank yu fur visiten my Blogs my sweet Blogsters out dere in Blogville.....good nite....sleep tight....and don'ts letted da Zombies bite...Ifen dey du wemember.....I gotted da Zombie Antidote fur yu....just one INJECTSHION is all yu need and guess whar I gibes dem??? Daaaats wight its in yur BUTT! *Rolls on floor laughing* Good nite all I luvs yu tu da moon and back! If yu is a spammer....GET DA HECK OFF OB MY BLOG YU'S GUYS!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Once in a lifetime special fwiend

Once in a lifetime a special fwiend comes along...a fwiend dat yu chat wiffhs on Tweeter, chat wiffhs at #zshq (Zombie Squad HQ website), laugh wiffhs, cwy wiffhs, be cwazy wiffhs, learn frum, and learn hows tu gibes a injecshion tu a Zombie Squad soljur! BOL! 

Yep dere's only one in a lifetime dat's very special and dat wuld be my furever luven special gurlfwiend Bonnie da Westie.....

She was so very strong and positive even doe she culdn't see anymore...dat didn't stopps hur tail frum wagging happily all da time.....

I luvs yu tu da moon and back Bonnie furever and ever and I will neber furgets yu....yu Bonnie are da once in a lifetime special fwiend......

Bang da bed pans at Rainbow Bridge  Bonnie! BOL

My fwiend Finley

Hellow dere my fwiends......Let me intwoduce yu tu my fwiend Finley...He's pawsome and so handsome tu...here's a few picures ob my fwiend Finley....

Now tell me da thrufh...whu culd wesist such a face as dis??

Finley and Whitley at pool side!

Dis my fav picure ob Finley

Get it Finley! Go Finley go!

By pool side again

Anobher bootiful face dat yu's can'ts wesist!

My sweet Bonnie da Westie fur yu

My dearest fwiends;

It has been a very sad past couple ob weeks fur me...My bestest furever and ever luving special fwiend Bonnie da Westie crossed ober tu Rainbow Bridge on da 8fh ob dis month....

I am dedicaten my Blog tu Bonnie cuz I luvs hur so very much and I will miss hur a lot...She taughts me a lot ands I learned a lot abouts life ands hows tu deal wiffhs whut life gibes yu...

She was always happy, wagging hur tail....she had da bigest heawt I eber seen and she touched me and my Mom's heawt in a special way.....

I will miss Bonnie but she is not far frum me...she walks wiffhs me by my side on ebery Zombie pawtroll ands on ebery walk wiffhs my Mom...when I takes a nap she's dere by my side ands when I lay my head down on my pillow she's wight dere wiffhs hur head on da pillow tu....

Me and my Mom cwyed a lot da day we gotted da news dat she COTRB.....We boffhs twy and holds backs da tears when we fhinks ob our lil Bonnie but she wuldn't wants us tu be sad and cwyiung fur hur she wuld wants us tu be happy and celebrates hur life.....

She may be gone tu Rainbow Bridge but she will neber neber eber be furgotten...she touched so many obher fur pals lifes and Hoomens tuu...she'll fureber and eber habes a special place in my heawt....

Fur yu Bonnie my luv

"I have a lil box it's not a fancy box but it's mine ands I will tweasure it fureber and eber dis lil wooden box wiffhs velvet lining in it....dis is a special box ands I keeps it in a special place....yu see dis box I keeps in a special place within my heawt fur my fureber luving special fwiend Bonnie da Westie....Dis box holds memories, stowys, pictures, good times and sad times all dat I shawed wiffhs Bonnie my luvly lil fwiend...Dis box is sp pwecious tu me and I will neber be wiffhsouts it....it will wemain in a special place wifhins my heawt fur Bonnie and when we meets again at Rainbow Bridge we can share dis box and da memories in it wifhs each othur. Until dat day we meets again at Rainbow Bridge I will keeps dis box safe and warmed by my heawt furever and ever my dear fwiend. Yu means so much tu me and I will neber eber furget yu and whut yu taught me about life. Wun wild and fwee at Rainbow Bridge Bonnie likes a pup again...yu can see how bootiful it is dere and see da bootiful waterfalls and Wainbows. I luvs yu tu da moon and back and don'ts wurry bouts yur Muvva me and Mom are always hewe fur hur at anytime ands we been checken on hur and she's gonna be otay sweetheart...she will be otay and so will I...When yu left us a piece ob me went tu I will never eber furget yu...Luvs yur fureber and eber luving special fwiend Frisbee Bradley."

I'll not say goodbye Bonnie my luv I will say "Until we meets again....at Rainbow Bridge...whut a wonorful happy day dat will be when we are we-united once again tu boffhs wun wild and fwee like da pups we use tu be."

I wante tu shawe a few pictures ob Bonnie wiffhs yu.....