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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Gofers da varmits dat dey are

Hellow dere ands welcomes tu your first classroom educations ons gofers....
Number one rule is dat da Gofer is nots yur fwriend. If yu says "Fwreeze Gofer" alls yu will gets is he will spits in yur face ands dat is caca...nasty...
 Second...teaches yur childwren abouts da Gofers...Childwren bewares!
 Be's very carefuls when yu goes outs on Gofer patrols. Don'ts lets dem gets a chance tu bites yu cuz dey gots sharps teefs ands dey are bigs tu! Yu be best tu leabes it ups tu da professionals likes me Goobie's Gofer Air Patrol....yep!

 Looks hows stupid da Gofer looks....

 Da Gofer is wreal ands nots a mobie....

Anober stupid lookin Gofer...Da what?

Dis is whats der holes can looks like. Dey makes a lot's ob holes. 

Backed ups in da corner da Gofer can gets mean ands uglier dan what he is....

 Da stupid Gofer in his hole...peekin outs fur me!

 Ands yet anober stupid lookin Gofer! Da whats?

Wells I hopes yu took some notes downs on Gofers ands whats dey can do ands looks like. Dey are all very stupid lookin but dey ares actually not dat stupid. Dey gets smart whens I'm ons Gofer patrol ands dey trys tu hids frum me...for awhile....I hope you habe enjoyed dis lesson ands wremembers.............

 Da only goods Gofer is a deads Gofer....I'll be patrolin da sky frum now ons tu pwotect eberybody frum da Gofers....I habes cheap wrates tu fur Gofer missions tu rids yu ob yur Gofers.....I gibes framily discounts tu fur close fwriends ands ob course framily.....

Da ends fur now!

Frum yur fwriend Frisbee Bradley.....da WuNdEr WeStIe...ober ands outs! 10 4 goods budys!

Paw thumbs ups!


  1. I's never seen a gofer, but I'll be on da lookout!

    1. Yu neber seens a Gofer? Well I gusses eberyone don'ts habe dem where dey libes...Be sure tu looks again at da pictures ands keeps dem in yur memury banks tu be on da look outs fur sure Whitley! I dots more pictures tu posts ons my Blog tu...

  2. I has never seen a gofer either, but they do look stoopid!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

    1. Yu neber seen one tu? I'm gonna habe tu teaches yu tu be ons da look outs fur sure just likes wiffs Whitley. Don'ts furgets what da stupid Gofer looks like...Dey are stupid buts dey can habes a brain fart, (forgets), and be smart ons a rare ocassion! Thants fur da loves and licky kisses! I lubs licky kisses Julie! Paws waving!

  3. We don't gots gofers here, but I feels da same way 'bout skwirrels and rats... just give 'em da ole shake-shake and dey is hiztory!

    1. Boy I thoughts eberybody hads Gofers likes me here where I libes but I guess dey likes libing and pesturing me hewre! Stupid Gofers anyways! Since yu feels da same ways abouts da skwirrels and da rats yu knows how I feels abouts da Gofers fur sure! We don'ts habe many skwirrels anymore in da twrees here where I libe and we don'ts habe many rats..at least I haben seens any rats justs a few mouses. I is wiffs yu...gibe em da ole shakeie shakie and dey will be hiztory fur sure! Paw thumbs up Finley!

  4. We never saw one before but if we did we'd get rid of it right away!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. Looks at da pictures and keeps dem stupid Gofers in yur memories..yu neber knows dey might migwrate tu where yu libes if I chases dem outs like da Pide Pippur! Yu's habes da wright ideas...gets rid ob dem wright aways fur sure! Paw thumbs up Murphy & Stanley!


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