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Hi eberyone I iz a 13 year old Westie gurl I libes in California wiffhs my Mommie Papa Fritter Lee and three Chickins Janie Gretta and Julie I iz a Lt Col in da Zombie Squad #zshq

Monday, December 22, 2014

Westies in need

Whiles I waz surfen round da internet I founds placez dat helps our pal Westies all over da wurld.

I wents tu da website fur Westies in need in USA ands clicked on da spot fur California..dat's where I livez...

Dis place doez a gweat job fur our pal Westies out dere ands I decided tu help sponzor a Westie pal..I waz very happy cuz I culd sponsor ones fur only $5.00 a month, (wishez I culd du more but ever little bit helpz out fur a special need doggie or a not special need doggie).

Me and Mom are so happy dat we can helps out a pal every month. Once da pal is adopted outs da money I waz payen goez intu a fund fur da other pals ands if by us payen $5.00 a month it is more dan whut dey needs fur my sponsored pal dey take whuts lefted over and we gets tu sponsor a different pal...

I gots smart dis mornen and just Googled: Westies in need ands it brought ups placez nots only in da USA but in other countries tu...

I thoughts I wuld sharzies my findens dis morning wiffs my Bloggen pals...Hewre are some links:

I wishes all my pals wuld find a furever home filled wiffs a HUGE amount of love and caren likes I have...and my sissy Pickie tu...

Frum yur fwriend...Frisbee Bradley...

I luvs all my pals in da wurld...dem wiffs furever homes and dem wifouts a furever home, dey will be always in my thoughtz and prayz all da time ands Mom's tu...


Saturday, December 20, 2014

Foolen awounds wiffs Mom

Me and sissy wents fur ones ob our daily walks wiffs Mom yesterday. She's all happy cuz it's Christmas time ands dis is da faborite time ob da year fur hur...She's in da spiwit a lots dis year...we habes da Christmas lights on inside da houze and the twee lights are on tu...so she's very happy and bubbley tu.....

Dis day in queztion she waz still happy and bubbley but I thinks she lots it cuz she was goofey!! Singen and playen awound wiffs us, (like she always does).

 I stopped and looked backs at Mom twring tu figure outs whats she waz doing....

 Sissy didn't knows whut tu make of Mom eber..She looked and said what da heck are yu doing Ma??

 Dis is our Mom losen it...She said I gots my eye on yu Frisbee....what da heck??

 Den she stuck hur tounge outs at me and sissy like dis....she gots an ugly tounge tu!! Hee hee...our Mom waz quazy dat day!!! 

But we lobes our Mom eben if she lost it dat day fur awhile.....

Luvs yu Ma!!!

Da End!

Frum yu pal Frisbee Bradley....da WuNdEr WeStIe! Ober and out until we meets again...Merry Christmas and I hopes Santa Claws is very nice tu all my furry pals ands brings dem lots ob SQUEEKYS AND TWEETS TU!!

Luv yu all and thant's fur visiten my Blog and meeting my Mom who is quazy somtimes.....keeps ya goin...

Hugs and big kisses tu yu all!!

Really...it's bye bye fur nows!!!

My wishes tu those furry pals dat don'ts habe a furever home

Christmas time can be a very cold time fur my furry pals outs dere wiffouts a furever home like me and sissy Pickie have. 

It's very sad and very lonely fur da pals in da animal shelters cuz I'm sure, (I know I woulds), dey feel likes no hoomen luv dem, wants dem or eben cares abouts dem at all, and dese places can be very lonely ands all da pals wants tu do is love, respect, take care of ands be wiffs a Mom and Dad in a fureber home ands be tweated wiff love ands respect tu ands habe lots ob food, water and a bed inside, a Mom and Dad tu takes care ob dem like dey wuld take care ob der Mom and Dad.

Da pals on da stweets dat don'ts habe a fureber home dey must feel very lonely, scared and un luved by any hoomens at all and dis time ob year is eber worse fur dem cuz it's very cold, maybe snowen and waining, and dey don'ts habe any food, watur or eben a sheltur to get outs ob da bad weather.

Des dogs that gots dropped on da stweet, abandonded and just left behind by der Mom and Dad one day feel sad and lonely fur now being all alone in da wurld when dey had a home, (not a good one).

Whut must my pals on da stweet be thinken or da pals in da shelturs or rescue places.....Why did Mom and Dad leave me behinds...where's are dey goen wiffouts me...it really breaks my heart dat dese dogs don'ts habe much ob a future all alone, tire, lonely, hungry and thirsty looken fur a place tu gets outs ob da bad weatur...waiten fur a hoomen tu catches dem, throws dem in a twuck ands takes dem tu a very bad places where dey won't eber be able tu habes a fureber home at all....Dey gets puts tu sleep ands dey neber wakes up tu gweet a Mom or a Dad in da morning.....But dere's a place called Rainbow Bridge dat dey go tu and dey will be all better, healthier, not hungry or thirsty and most ob all not lonely cuz dey have pals dere tu play wiffs...Unfortunately dey don'ts waits fur anyone tu come tu Rainbow Bridge and re-unite wiffs dem cuz dere Mom or Dad are not nice hoomens ands dey don'ts goes tu Rainbow Bridge.....

Hoomens can be very mean and cruel tu da pals outs dere.  Why wuld a hoomen habes a pet ands den just abandoned dem....don'ts makes any sense...maybe dey needs tu be abandoned tu.....Ands why do hoomens abuse my pals.....Agains it's cuz some hoomens are very cruel and very mean tu my pals out dere in da wurld...and some hoomens are totally not wight in da head fur sure ands dey are sickos...to tweat a furry pal wiffs harm tu dem a hoomen has gots tu be sick, dememted ands just not a good hoomen at all...da slim at da bottom ob my paw....Da hoomens dat abuse my pals shuld habe it done tu dem!!

Me, sissy and Mom thinks abouts da pals outs dere all da time but especially at Christmas time when it can be very cold and lonely.  We all hopes dat da pals at da rescues, pounds ands all da ober places find a fureber home wiffs a Mom or Dad dat will takes care ob dem fureber and eber...

I knows dat not all ob da pals outs dere will finds a home but I can pray fur dem dat they do...

Me, sissy and Mom send outs a lots ob our luv and hugs tu all ob my furry pals out dere dis Christmas hopen yu will find yur fureber home. We are thinken ob yu all dis Christmas ands wishes we culd sabe yu all ands bwings yu tu our fureber home wiffs our Mom and Dad.

Yu are all in our thoughts and pwares....God bless yu ands keep yu safe......yu don'ts deserve what's yu is goen thru and no furry pal shuld habe tu go thru what da pals wiffs outs a fureber home habe tu go thru....

We luvs yu all,


Frisbee, Pickie and Mom

Six more days untils Santa Claws comes tu my houze

Me and sissy Pickie are so excited we cans hardly sleeps at nite cuz Santa Claws will be here in 6 more days or is it 5, no counten tuday da 20th ob Decembwer it's 6....We can't waits until da jolly ole man in da wed suit comes down our woodstobe chimney..Bettur make sure Papa don'ts habes a fire on da 24th ob dis month cuz dat's when Santa Claws comes tu our houze. Me and sissy will goes tu bed eawrly da nite before Christmas ands in da mornen our Christmas stockens will be full ob SQUEEKY TOYS AND DOGGIE TWEETS TU!!

 Da wed stocken on da top is mine and so is one ob da other little stockens tu!! Just fink....Christmas mornen we will gets up ands they will be's all fulled up wiffs SQUEEKYS AND TWEETS TU!!

 Dis is one ob my sissy's little Christmas stokens...see it's gots hur name on it's...

 Dis is my sissy's Christmas stoken, (da BIG one). It tu will be full ob SQUEEKYS ANDS TWEETS tu when we wakes ups on Christmas day!!

 Ands dis is my little Christmas stoken tu...see...it's gots my name on it...Frisbee..

 I am so tiwed ands I gots tu takes a nap fur awhile cuz I is so excited about Santa Claws comen tu our houze. Mom saids tu take a nap and dweam abouts Doggie Tweets, Squeeky toys, Candy Canes and what's Santa Claws bwings yu on Christmas morning, so I did..zzzzz

In my dweam I saw dis bag of SQUEEKYS ANDS TWEETS TU!! I woke up withs a jolt and told Mom we gots tu remember tu leabes Santa Claws some cookies and milk by da twee fur him tu eat ands drink on Christmas Eve nite...Ands Mom....he culd habes some ob da Doggie Tweets me and sissy and you cooked fur us da ober day tu!!

I gots tu tweat Santa Claws nice ands leabes him some cookies and tweats cuz I hads a dweam ands Santa Claws waz very nice tu boff me and sissy.

Me and sissy habes been very good gurls dis year.....sooooooo....SANTA CLAWS COMES TU MY HOUZE FIRST!!!

Da End!

Yur fwiend Frisbee Bradley....da WuNdEr WeStIe!!! over and outs until next time! Oh....don'ts furgets tu watches out fur da Fairy's ands der dust when yu goes tu sleeps on Christmas Eve nite....Dey must be dwinken tu much egg nog cuz whens dey come awounds me when I am twing tu sleep dey sprinkle der dust all ober and it gets in my eyes, up my noze ands in my mouff!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Baken bwread

Tuday I helped Mom bake some Zucchini/Apple bwread. I helped add walnutz and coconutz flakez den I helped stur it all ups wiffs Mom's big woodun spoon and I let Mom pur it intu da baken bwread pans ands puts in da oben.

 Dis is a good picture ob me when I was free ob flour on my face!

 Sissy Pickie juzt watched ons while I helped Mom...She'z older now and needz hur rezt..

Sissy waz tiwred ob standen awrounds while me and Mom baked so she took a rest by da Christmaz twee.

 When da bwread waz baken Mom saids it waz time tu put da candy canez on da tweez..So I gots tu help hur decowrate da tweez wiffs da candy canez tu!

 Now da Chwristmaz twee iz all done wiffs da additiun ob adden da candy canez. Didn'ts I du a good job? Well...Mom kinda helped out tu...

 Look at how nize da twee looks wiffs da candy canez...makez it pwretty eben more!

 Now we gots Chwristmaz ball owramentz, Santa Clauz, Angelz and candy canez....I wunder if I will gets any sharziez ob da candy canez...I helped....

 When da Chwristmaz twee waz all done wiffs putten on da candy canez Mom saids I could put candy canez on da Snowmen Chwristmaz twee tu since I did such a good job on da ober twee. Now eben da Snowmen twee haz candy canez and it'z all becauze ob me and Mom....Don'ts it look pwretty?

 Dis is anober shot ob da Snowmen Chwristmaz twee we haz. Da Snowmenz awre cute don'ts ya thinkz? And my Auntie Cawrolyn madez dem all ands gabed a lot tu my Mom fur dis twee which she alzo gabed tu my Mom fur Chwristmaz tu!

Don'ts yu like howz da Snowmen Chwristmaz twee lookz wiffs da candy canez? I suwre du.....

Wiffs da tweez all decowrated wiffs da candy canez it waz time fur me tu help Mom clean ups da kitchen....Yu know why?? Cauze dis little Elf helper gots a liiiitle bit ob flouwr on da floor, ands da countewr, ands da stobe, ands on Mom, ands on my pawz, ands on my face, in my eawrs, up my noze, in my eye browz, on my little tail tu......BUT....yu know what? I saved my Elf suit frum da flour!! Mom almozt peeded hur pantz frum laughen ats me sooooo much!! She laughed and laughed and laughed...den yu knows what? I took a pawz full ob flour ands blew it on hur!! I gots it in hur hair, her teef, face andz downz hur braw!! Dat's what she gets fur laughen at me!! Right?? Poor Mom....we...I mean hur...madez a big mezz in da kitchen and I twracked it outs intu da livenroom, dinen room, baffroom ands downz da hall!! I laughed at hur again cuz she had tu duzt mop my little bitty feet printz all up!! I couldn'ts uze da bwroom cuz it'z tu tall fur me tu uze!! Hee hee...I be a gwreat Santa'z Helper and Mom'z helper tu!!  Don'tz ya think? I du...Ands I sent my letter tu Santa ands tole him me and sissy wants lots ob SQUEEKYS dis year!!!

Da Ends!

Frum yur fwriend......Frisbee Bradley....Da WuNdEr WeStIe...over andz outz.....fur nowz!!

Tumorrow......it's PUMPKIN bwread wiffs walnutz and coconutz flakez tu!!! And maybe I will gets some SHARZIES ob da bwread!!!!!

Da colur black

Hi everyone ands thant's yu fur visiten my Blog....it's all abouts me ands my adbentures wiffs sissy Pickie and my Mom....

I wanted tu makes it eazier fur yu dat vizits my Blog tu be able tu wread stuff ons hewre so I decided tu change da letter colur frum pink to black....dis way it be bettur...

Since I dot's a lot's ob postz hewre on da Blog I only wentz back ands changeded a few storiez....

Didn'ts wants yu tu think I waz lozing my noodle ands furgots tu change em all.....hee hee....

Habe a gwreat day and wremenber tu smile!

Yur fwriend Frisbee Bradley.....

Friday, December 5, 2014

Update...update...blog changes

Watch outs!!!! Habing a brain strum tunite!!! I thinks I will change my Blog post tu blues nest ears ob pinks ands I'm nots gonna habe bold text eiber....just thoughts I'd lets yu knows in case yu noticed it and thinks I was weir ding out...I might been change tu blacks...yu never knows or maybes I wills mixes it ups! See yu later gators!!!

Yur fwriend Frisbee Da WuNdEr WeStIe....ober ands outs!