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Hi eberyone I iz a 13 year old Westie gurl I libes in California wiffhs my Mommie Papa Fritter Lee and three Chickins Janie Gretta and Julie I iz a Lt Col in da Zombie Squad #zshq

Thursday, September 25, 2014

A walk wiffs Mom, sissy and Mr Kitty

 It was a plane ole Thurbay mornin ands we were goin fur a walk wiffs Mom tu tha neighburs field whar we alwuys goes.

 Tha sun was bright ands realby shinin! Me ands sissy were walkin arunds whens I saws sompin in tha bushes movin arounds. 

Sissy was comin tu check it outs tu. I looked and looked buts culdn'ts figure outs what it was that I seened.

 I stays watchin and sissy headed back tu Mom fur a tookie. She says she didn'ts wunts tu waits anymore.
 Whens she turned arunds to tells me she was leavin I tole hur what I hads seen was a rabbit I thinks. It looked like what Mom showed me a picture of...

 "Rabbits are harmless Frisbee," Mom saids tu me whens she seen what I seened. 

Since Mom saids it was otay I stopped lookin ands began my searche fur gufers,(There alots of gufer holes ins tha field. Lots tu choose frum!

I lookeded arunds fur awhil whens I heard Mom callin fur me tu come and gets a tookie.

 I didn'ts pays much attention tu hur, (cuz I was lookin fur gufers), thens I decided tu du what she says cuz I luvs tookies. I tole hur "Ya Mom I hears yu b's rightss there!."

Buts I didn'ts du's it! I went wunderin arunds!

I then wents tu tha ole apple tree in tha fields tu sees ifs I coulds finds any gufers or maybes a cat or tu wiffs no such luck!

I sniffed my ways backs tu Mom and sissy fur a tookie!
 When I was standin by Mom and sissie I looked and seen that stupid ole doggie of da neighburs barkin and yakin. Hur name is Hailey ands I dun'ts cares fur hur tu much cuz she runs arounds barkin ats me all tha time!

 I wents over tu bark at hur and tell her shut up buts she ranned away....So I decideded it was time tu goes tu Mom and gets a tookie and goes home.

 Whens I was stanin by Mom I looked downs tha road and seen sompin comin.

 Well it'd only be Mom's stuupid cat Mr Kitty. Oh rats! Here he comes headed rights towards us!

 He stopped fur awhils to talk tu us and Mom.

Then we alls gots togethers fur a couple of minutes ands then headed fur home.

 Sissy and Mr Kitty wents back homes first ands I stayed by Mom.

Sissy was comin and I was waitin fur hur tu goes intu tha gate.

Then me and sissy wents into tha gate tu goes backs inside tha house...

Tha ends!
Yur fwriend Frisbee Bradley...tha WuNdEr WeStIe!
Luks fur my ober advantures soon!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Tha toys when I was a lil pup

When's I wa a lil pup, I hads lots of toys that I shared wiffs my sissy.

Ones day I was playin wiffs one toy then I wents ands gots anober one ands started tu play wiffs it. 

This went on fur hours ands I kepts goin frum toy to toy cuz I hads so many tu chuse frum!

I played all day ands I played and played wiffs all tha toys!

Some of tha toys were new and some were old..I didn'ts care cuz there were so many of these things Mom told me were toys!

Mom was gettin a lil worried cuz I hads been playin likes a banchie all day long ands had nots taken a nap yets!

She saids, "Frisbee goes ands takes a nap right nows cuz yu is a lil pup ands needs yur rest fur energy, and the toys will always be here fur yu ands sissy tu plays wiffs ebery day."

I listened tu hur and before she knews it I was fast asleeps curled up on a pillow on tha couch...

Tha lastest thing I heard Mom say tu me was, "Sweet dreams lil Frisbee...I luvs yu."

Wanna know sompin? Tu this day me and sissy still has some of those great toys. We has two containers fulls of toys and Mom still buys us new ones all tha times!

The ends!

Yur friend Frisbee Bradleys the WuNdEr WeStIe! Buts yu's can just calls me Goobie! Eberybody does!

My intoduction tu cats

 Ones day whens I was a lil  pup me, Mom and sissy  wents fur a walk like we always du.

 Mom tuk a chance on me fur nots runnin off frum her.. She  letted me wulk alls by myself. 

Whens we were walkin back tu home on da lil country road whar we's lives I hads tu stops and luk at sompin I seen.

 I tudant believes my lil eyes cuz I saws my firsted cat! 
I were kinda scareded ands didn'ts know whats tu du but Mom was rights there wiffs me tu protected me frum tha cat. 
I staired ands staired ats tha cat then it rans away. 

This beginded my firstest inturactions wiffs a cat ands has madeded me tha bravest Westie that I is tuday! 

Only thing is I luvs to chace cats, I du it alls tha time!
Mom trys tu gets me tu come backs buts I dun'ts listin vury guud tu hur cuz whens it comes to cats I turn on my ignore button ons my head!


Tha ends! 
Yur frend Frisbee Bradleys the WuNdEr WeStIe! 
Just calls me Goobie!

Trickin Mom as a pup

This be me whens I was a lil pup... Mom wuld let me outs in tha frunt yard tu go pee. I dids purty guud ands didn'ts try tu get outs of tha yard. Thens one day Mom let me outs ands I crawleded under tha fence ands tuuks off all by myself! 

I runded tu tha neighburs field ands began tu runs arund likes lil pups du. Mom got a lil upsets wiffs me that dae cuz whens she calleded tu me tu come bact I dids not minded hur at all!

 I playeded a game wiffs hur ands when she wuld gets close tu me I wuld run offs! 

Finally she trickeded me and she caught me thens tuuk me's intu tha house. She didn'ts spank me justs give me a lecture...After that'd she starteded teachin me hows to be on a leash ands I neber rans away frum her agains !!

 I still sumtimes dun'ts listan tu hur when she calls. But whens she shows me tha tookie she has fur me I come a runnin tu her..me buts I du nows cuz when she calls me she shows me tha tookie she has fur me if I comes tu her right away!

Tha ends!
Yur friend Frisbee Bradley, buts yu's can calls me Goobie!

My sissy Pickie Bradley

My sissy eatin dinar. She were hungry tu!

Sissy bein camra shy! She dun'ta like tha camera!

Here b sissy by ole pump house in tha field where we goes fur walks evary day wiffs Mom!

Here b sissy headed fur home!

Camera shy agains! She neber luks ats tha camera when I takes hur piture!

Wells hots dogs! She finally lukin ats tha camera whens I snapped tha picture!

Me...Frisbee wiffs sissy ins field wheres we goes fur walks wiffs Mom.

This is sissy a while backs when I were a puppy.

This b my sissy and I luvs hur alots!

Tha ends!

Yur fwriend Frisbee Bradley....tha WuNdEr WeStIe!

Dinner time

It b dinar time! Boy am I ever hungrys!

I is gettin in tu it! It'd b so yummy...I is kinda messy when I eats...

Me after dinner lickin my chops! Thants Mom! Anober great dinner!

After dinner Mom tuk us outside..I wents on tha luk out fur any cats in our field....

I left my post ands went tu investigates sompin I thought I seen...What tha heck is dat in Mom's flowers? Oh...onlys Mr. Kitty...back inside tha house wiffs Mom and sissy....

After we wents in I needed tu take a nap....zzzzzz

Tha ends!

Yur fwriend Frisbee Bradley...tha WuNdEr WeStIe!

Rainie day blues

This be my rainie day sad face...I dun't like tha rain much... I dun'ts thinks evan a tookie culd make me feels happier! Well maybe a tookie wuld be otay! Maaaa...

Baffs day wiffs Mom

Here I is waitin on tha towel fur Mom tu come in tha bathrum. Ain'ts I cute?

Here I luks kinda wurried. But I is foolin Mom,or ats least I is tryin tu..

 Closes ups time!..Aint's I cute when I is wet? Mom thinks I am!

 All most finished wiffs my bath. Luk how durty tha water gots! I puts a ring arounds tha jacuzzi fur sure!

After I gets outs of tha jacuzzi ands Mom drys me offs I heads fur tha libingroom runnin. I rubs my face on my Papa's sleepin bag on his couch, thens I jumps ups on his sleepin bag and rolls all over it!

Aah yes...it were a gud baff day wiffs Mom tuday! Now I'm all relaxed....

Here I is all nice and cleans ready tu sit up on tha couch ands waits fur my Papa tu comes home...

Well that'd be that'd...this was my adventure wiffs Mom tuday on baff day! I justs luvs my baffs days wiffs Mom. Yu's knows why? Cuz she lets me have my baffs in tha big gurls baffs tub she calls it a jaccuzzi! Papa still gives my baffs tu me in tha kitchun sink! I luvs Mom's tha bestest!

Tha ends!

Bye fur now... yur friend Frisbee Bradley tha WoNdEr WeStIe. Watch fur my next adventur!