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Hi eberyone I iz a 13 year old Westie gurl I libes in California wiffhs my Mommie Papa Fritter Lee and three Chickins Janie Gretta and Julie I iz a Lt Col in da Zombie Squad #zshq

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Da vet visit

I been off line for a few dayz cuz Mom haz been sick ands I had tu go tu da Vet on Tuesday fur a teef cleanen.

My Mom and sissy drove tu da Vets office andz Mom tooked me intu da office where I saw da techenicianz at da frunt dezk.

Mom hadz me on da leazh and I walkeded awound den da one techenician sayed tu my Mom, "Dis must be Frisbee." My tail started waggen and my butt tu!

Den da techenician bent over andz pickeded me upz in his armz...datz when it happened...I started shakken a little bit. My Mom started getten all worried den she held my face and gaved me a kizz and sayed tu me, "Oh my little Frisbee you will be otay, dey will take good care of yu don'tz worry." Den I stoppeded shakken cuz I knew my Mom waz wight.....

My Mom kizzed me again and we sayed our good byez.  Mom left andz dey tookeded me back in the room at 9:15am.

Da Vet called my Mom at 12:00pm ands tole hur I waz doin gweat but dere waz a problem wiffs free of my teefs. One of my big teef and two of my smaller teefs hadz tu come out.  Mom fweaked a little bit, called Papa and they boff said it had tu be done so Papa called da Vet and gaved him da otay tu pull my free teefers.

Da Vet said dere were twu teef dat were loosed andz one of da bigger teefs waz a little bitz infected. He tole my Mom dat it waz becauze I had lozt some bone in my teef, (not all da teefhs but juzt deses free).

Mom and Papa fweaked out cuz dey thought it were dere fault by notz taken good care of me but da Vet azzured dem dat it waz not dere fault at all and he knowz how much of gweat care my Mom and Papa givez tu me and sizzy...

Da vet pulled my free teefs den I went tu da cage tu wakez up from da anastezia.

My Mom called thru outz da day tu see how I waz doin and dey tole hur I waz doin gweat!

Dey tole my Mom dat she culd pick me upz at 3:00 but not tu expecte sooner dan dat cuz dey wanted tu makez sure I waz completely awakez.

Mom and Papa came tu da Vet office tu get me after Papa got off of wurk and sissy tu...Papa tole Mom tu bwing a blankie fur me cuz I wuld probably be cold.

I was awake in da cage waiten fur Mom and Papa when the technicen came and gotz me and tole me my Mom and Papa were here tu pick me upz.

I waz juzt a little droggie but very happy!

The tech packed me in his armz intu da waiten woom where I saw my Mom and Papa sitten dere waiten fur me.

Mom tole da technicen tu give me tu my Papa den da technicen tole Mom he wuld go over everthin wiffs hur and dey went outside on da porch tu talk.

Da technicen tole Mom everythin, gave hur instructionz and went over instructionz fur my medicine dat I went home wiffs.

I sayed goodbye, (kinda droggie), and Papa packeded me outz tu da car where sissy waited fur me tu.  Mom got in and Papa handeded me tu hur den she wrapped me up in a blankie.

Da vet gaved Mom medicine fur pain and antioboticz tu take. 

I waz drozzie a little bit and all I wanted tu do waz sleep. I culdn't run or jump and dat waz hard.

Dat waz da day I gotz home and yezterday but tuday I'm feelen much better andz weady tu run and jumpz! Butz I still have tu eatz soft food and take my medicinez fur 10 dayz. Boy 10 dayz.....Wow wee.

My Mom wurried aboutz me all nite and keptz waken up tu check on me while I slept wiffz hur cuddled up under da blanketz.

Dat'z my Vet story....

Da Ends

Yur fwiend Frisbee Bradley...da WuNdEr WeStIe.....Now it'z time fur a napz!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My Mom

Dis is fur my Mom

Who needed a companion so very much when she waz very ill?

Who did God save me fur?

Who took cares ob me whens I waz a little pup and hads so much patience wiffs me?

Who kept on teachen me day and nite da wright ways tu do thins and the ways to not?

Who lets me sleeps wiffs hur cuddlen on da couch or in da bed?

Who takes me and sissy on daily walks free times a day rain or shine?

Who gibes me tooties abter ebery walk?

Who picks me up ands cuddles wiffs me ebery chance she gets?

Who lobes tu gibes me raspburries on my bell bell?

Who has da most patience wiffs me whens I go on da Gofer pawtrols ebery day?

Who gibes me da mostest luv a dogg eber had and will furever?

Who spoiles me da mostest ob all?

Who will do whatever is needed fur me?

Yep dis is my Mom......and....

Who do I gibe da mostest unconditional luvs tu furever and ever?

Yu guessed it...dat wuld be me...

Dis be my Mom dat I luvs so bery much ands will furever goofen arounds wiffs me and sissy Pickie! I luvs hur a lot but most ob all I luvs hur goofieness wiffs us!

Bonnie da Westie's status as of January 28th 2015


by H Case Evening my fwends

I iz ritin dis update now cuz muvva gonna collect hoouncle in mornin and he spendin day wif us cuz it warmer here dan ware he lives. So we won't be online til tmoro evenin, as we will be enturtainin hoouncle & cousin Gizmo.

I starts my meds tmoro at 10am. Muvva and me and Mojo went to collect dem from da vet today, Mojo was lookin out da car window an tellin me how many sheeps dere oz on da moors as we drove along, wich was ok but I really juz wanted to doze off an grab a few Z's.  *rolls eyes*

So anyway, we got me meds, and made appointment to haf a test in 3 weeks to check me cortisol levels. Cuz evduntly Cushings makes me produce too much, I fink dats rite. Its vewy confusin.

Den if me needs an increase in me dose dey will adjust it and den me will haf anovver test in 12 weeks.  And 3 monthly after dat.

Dey has to monitor me dose is rite cuz it controls da disease. Da meds won't cure me Cushings, and it won't shrink da tumour, but it will make me feel a bit better and give me a better quality of life.

So me will still need sum help wif me vets fees.

At da moment me got enuff in me fund for da meds tday and meds nxt month, me electroretinogram in February and me test in 3 weeks. Den me will be needin some more help.

Da meds are £57 a month, mum sed it lucky me a little dog cuz if me was labrador size it would be more dan double dat amount.

Fankoo to evfurryone who has helped me so far it really has been a life saver literally.

Anyway we iz off to bed now pals, so keep safe, fankoo for yoor support and know me duz love yoo so much.

Big hugs and kisses

Lots of love
Bonnie, Mojo and Muvva

Monday, January 26, 2015

Bonnie da Westie's status as of January 26th 2015

Dis is my special fwiend Bonnie da Westie. She libes ober da Ocean, far, far aways frum me here in California, USA. I'll be posting updates on her status as soon as I gets dem frum hur. She is a very sick little gurl. I prayes tu God ebery nite dat he watches ober hur and keeps hur in his loven arms and takes care ob hur..She's gots a wonderful Mom dat luvs hur bery, bery, bery much. Hur Mom is taken wonderful care ob hur. I've also added a link tu Bonnie's fund waizer on my Blog.

Status as of January 26, 2015


by H Case Hello my dearest fwends.

Da vet has juz phoned muvva wif me Cushings results. First off pleeze accept apologies for bad typin but me muvva bit upset at da moment an can't see da keys properly to type.

Da test was positive. I duz haf Cushings. Dey can't tell by da test me had if it Pituitary or Adrenal, but da outcome just da same except one makes yoo life shorter dan de other one, but dey both not good. I could haf another test to tell which one me got, but dere's not much point really, as it won't alter anyfing, and muvva sez me been thru and gotta go thru so much it not fair on me.

Sally da vet sed muvva has to go to collect my medication tomorrow, and it will be dispensed 4 weekly. After 3 weeks muvva got to take me back to da vet for another ACTH blood test to check if they giving me the right dose, as they are starting me on a low level of Vetoryl first. If yoo haz too strong a dose it can cause an Addison's seizure or summit. So has to be done gradually and carefully wif good communication between muvva and da vet so me dunt get Addisons syndrome (seizure). So muvva gonna be doing a 100 mile round trip evfurry month to pick me meds up and take me for me tests evfurry so often. But she wud drive to end of da werld for me.

Once dey got dose right, and after few more ACTH tests to check dey haf over da next few months, I only haf to haf da ACTH test evfurry 6mths then.

I will haf to stay on da medication for da rest of me life, however long dat gonna be, and it quite expensive, but vet lady sed not as expensive as a big doggy's meds wud be, so bein a ickle terrier haz its benefits eh?

Da bad news is, cuz of me other health issues, and me SARDS (blindness), dat da prognosis is not good for da long term.

Da vet sed sum dogs can go on to live 6 mths to 2-3yrs and sumtimes little bit longer wif Cushings, but all depends on dere overall health and other health problems/issues.

Doggies wif poor health and ovver health issues,  it usually 6mths to a year with treatment, but vet lady sed I cud last a bit longer, dere's no telling. And I iz a fighter!

Needless to say mum is tryin so hard to be strong for me, and I know she is devastated and really upset but she promises to be stronger for me and to make whatever time I haf, however long or short dat gonna be, da bestest life ever.

Pleeze dunt be sad my fwends, I haz a good life wif mum filled with love, and I haz all yoo wonderful pals and hoomans who love me vewy much and will be wif me da rest of my journey. And wot time we got togevva you and me, is gonna be full of love and lafter, cus life too short to be miseruble. xxxx

I promise I will fight hard and will still help other doggies if me can, and help muvva make dat website for disabled and poorly doggies and dere hoomans so wen hoomans upset and need information for dere furbabies dey not got to hunt round da interweb like wot muvva had to.

Muvva got to get ready for appointment herself for 3pm at her docs cos she got asthma check up and also got ear infection. What a grate pair we iz eh?

I will keep dis page going an keep updating yoo all on how we getting on wif da treatment and stuff.

I love you my fwends, you haf been such a support to us and still are. It's gonna be a rocky old road but togevva it won't seem so bad.

Lots of love

Bonnie, Mojo and Muvva

Saturday, January 17, 2015

A day in da life of me and sissy Pickie

Sissy and me were minden our own buzinezz goen fur our walk wiffs Mom da other day when da neighburs dog Zoie started in on us barken and barken and she wuldn't shut ups! So me and sissy decided tu have a little talks wiffs hur tu tell hur tu be quiet ands stop da barken cuz it's anoyen...Sissy covered my back whiles I approached da fence. I was brave and tole hur tu be quiet! After a few times of tellen hur dis she FINALLY stopped barken at us. I hates tu say dis but I thinks she's got a screw loosed, she's weird but yu gots tu consider who hur Mom and Dad are den yu knows why she's da way she is...It's not hur falt....it's hur hoomens falt cuz dey teaches hur stupid thins and she don'ts know any bettur.......meanwhile.......

Oh I forgots tu tell yu's dat Mom bought me and sissy a new sweatur when she was up ins Washingtun....She calls it a Salmon colored sweater...it's pretty cool cuz it's gots little rinstones on it...cool right? I thinks so...I sparkle whens da sun hits da sweater....sparkel...sparkel...sparkel....and it's warm tu! I luvs my new sweater. Dis is my side view pose fur yu...

 Lookie.....my sissy gots one just likes mine....now we boff sparkel, sparkel....




Mean while backs on da farm....Hee hee.....I walked ups da road tu patrol fur Gofers when it started misten a little bits....it waz cool so I decided tu sticks my tounge outs tu taste da mist...da little bit of wain tasted purty good....Tounges are good fur tasten da wain yu know....


 Me again in my new sweater...Mom just luvs taken lots of pictures....Maaaaa

  I finished da patrol of da field fur Gofers and walked back tu my Mom and sissy when somepen caughts my eye....Dis is da neighburs houze ands it's all fenced so I couldn'ts go in cuz I don'ts know hows tu open da gate.....yet....I looked and looked and culdn'ts believe my eyes....Waz I seein thins?? Nope....yu know what I saw?? I saw a Gofer poken his head outs of his Gofer hole under da apple twee...he waz looken wight at me ands I culdn'ts get him cuz I culdn'ts gets in da yard....Rats!! Dis one gets tu get away...fur now....Ands I knows dere are more in dere tu!!

Mom said we hads tu go in but I just culdn'ts cuz I knowed dere had been a Ratcoon dat walked here....I knowed it and sniffed and sniffed and sniffed fur da Ratcoon...he's my other arch enemy.....

 Dis is whut a Ratcoon lookie like...Yu gots tu be careful whens dey come around...stupid Ratoon eats all of Mr. Kitty's food all da time...He comes every nite just abouts and I knowed he came by way of my fwiend and neighbur Buster's houze tu our houze....


Well dat's about all dat happened the other day when we went fur our walk wiffs Mom tu da neighburs field....always sompen happening...keeps me on my toes fur sure!

Da ends!

Frum yur fwiend Frisbee Bradley......da....WuNdEr WeStIe....

Thant's fur stoppen by my Blog! Come backs real soon tu!


Lookie what I just learned

Well da other day when I waz on Facesbuk one of my fwiends dere posted a cool thing...Lookie at all da abreviations I can use. Yu probably already knows dem all buts I thought I'd sharezie dem wiffs yu...ready...set...goes.....BOL!

BOL - Bark out loud
BRB - Bark right back
BFF - Best funny fwiend
LMFAO - Licking my funny arse off (Ha!)
OMG - Oh my Great Dane
J/K - Just kibbling
GR8 - Grrrrrrreat
WTF - What the fleas
BTW - Big tail wag
SMH - So mad at my Hoomen
GTG - Got tons of gas (dat's me!)
CYA - Can't yap out loud (Homan watching)
TTYL - Ticks totally yucky losers
BYN - Beggin for num-nums
LYLALM - Luv yu like a little mate
MYOTR - My Hoomans off the rocker (I like dis one!)

Anyways....likes I said yu probably already knows all dis stuff but I thought it waz pretty cool and it's new tu me so I wanted tu sharezie wiffs my pals...

 OMG!! Hey yu'all I've gots a new one fur da list......guess what it is??
Wait fur it.....wait....wait....otay

BIA - Butt in air!! (Ha!)

That's it fur now...BAYL....Bark at yu later yu know....

Thant's fur stoppen by my Blog!! Come back often....

Luvs yu all!!

Yur fwiend Frisbee Bradley AKA Goobie....da WuNdEr WeStIe!! over and outs!! Tens fours good buddies......

 By da way....dis is my "What's did yu say" look....I gots a lot's of dese kinds of looks and I use em on my Mom all da time!!

Otay Mom I'll be good....Maaaaaaaaa...don'ts pull my tail and pestur me.....otay I'll close fur sure wight now Mom!!

Good bye, bye.....fur now cuz yu knows what?? I'll be back.....who said dat??


Saturday, January 10, 2015

Gofer mission # 39...da one dat gots away!

I was doin what I'm most famous fur, (Gofer exterminatur ob course!), just waiten and stalken dis Gofer hole. I waited ands waited ands waited.....so vury patient I was fur sure buts yu gots tu be patient whens hunting Gofers.....and we Westies habes a lots ob patients...

 I was steppen back cuz I heards a sound likes a Gofer diggen up top ob da hole. I culdent beliebe my eyes cuz all ob a sudden....BAMB dere he waz...da mean ole stupid Gofer. He stuck his sharp teefs outs at me like dis! I stepped back ands just waited cuz I knows they gots vury sharp teefs ands I didn'ts wants tu fweak Mom outs by jumpen on him cuz he wuld bites me fur sure...I waz not afwaid ob da Gofer ands Mom tole me tu stay away untils I gots backup! So I did...just watchen him...den he jumped up outs da hole and dived head furst downs da hole ands laughed at me...I waz not vury happy but my backup sissy Pickie and Mom had nots yets arived. Dang it anyway! Why dids I pick dis time tu listen tu my Mom ands waits! I culd habe bit his tail offs when he dived intu da hole...Next time Gofer...next time yu won'ts be so lucky..it'll be shakie, shakie!!

Some ob yu mights say how cans dis sweet, innocent looken, adorable Westie gurl be so brabe and fearless ob da Gofers...I bet's yu du say dis.....yep....The reason is cuz I eats all ob my vegtables dat Mom gibes tu me ebery nite...I luvs cooked spinich ands justs like Popeye da Salor Man it gibes me big muscles and lots ob strength dat I culd mobe da biggest Gofer hole arund....