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Hi eberyone I iz a 13 year old Westie gurl I libes in California wiffhs my Mommie Papa Fritter Lee and three Chickins Janie Gretta and Julie I iz a Lt Col in da Zombie Squad #zshq

Thursday, March 26, 2015

My good fwiend and neighbur Blue

Dis is my good fwiend ands neighbur Blue. She libes on a small farm just ups da woad. She pwotects othur furry animpals such as a Pig, 4 Horses, lots ob Chikins, Long Horn Bulls ands a Cow wiffs a baby and hur Mom and Dad tu. She's a membur ob da #ZombieSquad just likes me buts she don'ts habes da enternet and pup computur tu goze on all da time tu post hur pawtrols. She still pawtrols like a good Zombie Squad membur...RRRrrrraaaaAAA!

Dis is Blue and hur gang ob brovers ands sisturs on da farm. Blue's da 3rd one frum da left...da shortest one dere is in da picture.

I goes and visits Blue all da time ands we horse awound like twu pups sometimes. Da ober day dough she got pissed ands nipped at me cuz I smelleded hur butt! Well yu do dat tu don'ts yu or am I da only one dat does dis? Hoomens don'ts sniff butts..*rolls eyes*..thant God dey don'ts.  Culd yu just see a Hoomen goin up tu anober Hoomen ands sniff dere but tu see who dey are ands where dey been ands all dat kinds ob stuff we gets frum sniffin butts? Baa ha ha! 

Anyways.....where was I?...I knows....I goes up tu visits Blue all da time wiffs my Papa cuz my Mom don'ts lets me twavel up dere by myself don'ts yu know....When we goes ups tu Blue's me ands Papa wide da ATV ands sometimes we goes in his twuck...When we's wides da ATV I gets tu sett up in da middle all by myself, well Papa's dere tu cuz I don'ts habe a license tu dribe a ATV yet...Anyway (Hey I sayed dis before!)....we goes ups on da ATV da most ands Papa dwives weal slow so I won'ts fall off ands skin my knees....I do weally good at widing da ATV wiffs him....Maybe Mom will lets me gets my license tu dwive an ATV..whut du yu fink? If I am sweet likes I always am she'll do it fur me....Maaaaaa...hey Maaaaaa...Ma! Can I gets my license tu dwive da ATV frum da Motur vehical place? *wispering* I'll weally suck ups tu hur...pwetty please Mom wiffs a doggie tweat on tops? *smiling* She said dat it wuld be otay..den I can dwive ups tu see Blue all by myself whens I wants tu..what am I saying...when my Mom lets me...dat's a bettur way tu say it!

Dis is da END ob my story abouts my fwiend Blue!


Frum yur fwiend Frisbee Bradley aka Goobie....da....wait fur it....wait....wait....DA WuNdEr WeStIe! See yu on da flips flops!

Bye bye!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Gofer pawtrol #96

I was a good day...da sun was outs ands da burds were singen. All was calm....until....

Like I sayed...all was calm until I camed upon da Gofer hole in da field..(dere's a lot's ob Gofers and holes in da field).

I sayed tu myself..."self bwing on da Gofers!"

Dis is whut a Gofer hole lookes like..be careful and pwoceed wiffs caution whens yu finds one, (or call me...1-800-GOFER-GOOBIE)....I will flys on my plane, (it's a P40) ands comes tu erraticatee da Gofers fur yu...fwee ob charge...I charge by da Cookie...Baa ha ha! Otay now backs tu da story.....I decided I bettur gets in my plane ands do a pawtrol....den....

BOOM! ZAP! ZOWEE! It happened....
I jumped on my P40 and ups ups ands away I wents...intu da big blue yondur...

Just look at da stupid Gofer dat was on da gwound! He is no match fur me!
Dere were eben prehistorick Gofers dat came outs tu battle wiffs me! Still not a worry fur me!

Stupid Gofer! Yur hat won'ts pwotect yu frum Frisbee Bradley....da....WuNdEr WeStIe!
I amid my Rocket Launchur at da gwoup ob Gofers and BANG! POW! ZAP! I fired several Gofer Rockets and destwoyed dem all.... 

Unfortunately now it's time tu use Mom's sucker fing and suck ups all da Gofers...Dere's still more outs dere but dey won'ts survive longs wiffs me on air pawtrol in my P40! Pawsom wight?


Yur fwiend Frisbee Bradley aka Goobie....da....WuNdEr WeStIe...dat's a Roger ober and outs until we meets again yu stupid Gofers!

Hads tu sharzie wiffs yu my Gofer net gun....pwetty pawsome!

Pwoud membur ob da Aviators Club

Guess whut....I am a pwoud membur ob #TheAviatorsclub we flys missions tu accompany our furry fwiends OTRB.

Like my plane? It's a P40 da kind da Flyen Tigurs use tu fly in...rrrrrrr...RRRrrrraaAA!


Monday, March 16, 2015

Da many faces of da Friz!

Dis is one ob my many attitude faces....

Dis is my Clint Eastwoods look....weady....Go aheads punk....make my day...pretty pawsome wight?

Dis is one ob da looks I gibes my Mom...."Oh wealllly Mom." I'm a card!

Dis is anober one ob da looks I gibes tu my Mom.....wait fur it....otay...."Ok Mom come ons...hurry ups ands takes da picture." got lots ob dem....

Dis is my..."Whut Mom...Me....I didn'ts du it" look....

Dis is anober one ob my "Whut Mom" looks.....

Dis is my "Ha ha I'm runnen frum yu ands yu can'ts catches me...nope" look...

Dis is my "Hurry ups ands cracks opens da beer fur me...are we done" look....

Dis is my look whens I gets a durty face tu Mom...."I luv yu Mom"...

Dis is my puppy look chewen on a toy.....

Dis is me whens I was a pup looken fur Gofers...my first eggsperience wiffs Gofer pawtrollen!

Awww...my first Gofer in da hole...hope he don'ts bite my lil nose...Dis when I was a pup tu, (buts yu knows dat wight?)
Dis is my sweet side when I was a pup....all tuckured outs frum a long day playen wiffs sissy Pickie, Mom and all ob our toys in da two big baskets...We hads a lots ob toys when I was a pup....still do...Baa ha ha!

Dis is me as a youngstur sweet look..."Mom I'm tired can we takes da picture latur?"

Anober atttittude face.....gots still more tu come....

My Mom sayed tu me dat I looked likes a little devil in dis picture wiffs my eyes all beamen wiffs white pupuls....*wisperen* Don'ts tell Mom but I can be a lil devil...but den agains she knowed dis.....

Me wiffs my tounge out tasten da wain dwops....I also stuck it outs at da Gofers in da field tu!

Yet anober attitude face ob mine...."What did yu say?"

Dis is anober one ob my sweet...princess looks....*wispers* I'm spoiled wotten by boffs my Mom and Papa...I luvs it!

Dis me all acten likes a pwincess or sompen....Dis was when I was feelen likes being sweet tu Mom at camp....Aint's I pwetty? Mom sayed tu me dat I gots a big head cuz I finks I'm pwetty tu....*whispers* ands so does Mom...

Attitude by da Friz! "Bwing it on baby!"

Dis my bedtime attitude wiffs Mom..."Whut was dat Mom? Did yu say Rattcoon?"

Dis me one day at camp wiffs Mom..."No I won'ts looks at da camera." Is yur Mom always tellen yu dat yu gots attitudes? My Mom is...she sayed tu me "Frisbee Ann, (utoh middle name)...yu gots an attitude tuday don'ts yu!"

Well dats dat ands dis is...........wait furr it....wait....OTAY....

da End!

Frum yur fwiend Frisbee Bradley aka Goobie......da WuNdEr WeStIe....

bye bye fur now...luvs yu all!



I'm weady fur St. Patrick's day

Papa went outsides tu wurk in da pastures ands awound da houze. I always goes wiffs him outsides tu lends him a paw or twu...I was waiten on da couch just taken a nap-zzzzz-whens I heawd Papa sayed tu me, "Come on Frisbee lets goes outsides and mows da pastures." I jumped ups off da couch and wan tu Papa outsides.

Papa was mowen on his widing lawn mower ands I was keepen an eye outs fur any Gofers or Zombies fur da #ZombieSquad whens I felted sompen bite me...I jumped ands lefts my post tu go weleave myself ob da bites efffects on my lil body...Yu know whut I did? I wan awounds da field and when I founded a nice juicy spot full of fwesly mowed gwass I dived bombed intu it. I dids dis several times and lookie whut happened....Yep I'm gween and Mom called me hur little gween weenie and hur little Leperchuen tu....

All clear was my words tu Papa...No Gofers or Zombies tu report I sayed tu Papa...So I kept on haben fun and dive bomben intu da gwass....

Dis is my side view ob my
Leperchuen suit.....Pwetty niffty wight? Anways I hads my fun whens Mom calleded to me tu come in tu eat supper...ands yu knows whut happened latur?

Yu guessed it! A baff! Not tu fear cuz I am very brabe Zombie Hunter wiffs some kills under my belt now...I'm a Slayer-Seargent in da fight wiffs da Zombies tu make da wurld a safer place ands tu pwotect da hoomens ands ober furry fwiends.....ands I like my baffs wiffs Mom...

Happy St. Patrick's day.....xoxoxo

da ends!

Frum yur fwiend Frisbee Bradley aka Goobie......da.....waiiit...waiiit...da WuNdEr WeStIe.....

bye bye luvs yu all!


Saturday, March 14, 2015

Framily ands fwiends album fhree

Dis is my good fwiend Reggy. She's oldur now ands has artritus weal bad buts she gets along good still.

Dis is my ober good fwiend Dakota buts Mom calls hur da puppy frum hell! BOL! Dakota's still learnen stuff ands she don'ts minds very good yet. She always sees me on Zombie pawtrol in da field ands comes runnen full boards ands jumpes on me...I fink dey don't lets hur outs ob da fenced yard anymore cuz she hasn't been attacken me lately...Maybe she knows dat I'm one bad ass Zombie hunter ands I don'ts put up wiffs cwap! BOL!
Dis is da stupid neighburs *wisperen* da ones dat Mom and Papa don'ts talks tu anymore's stupid dogg Zoie. Ebery time we opens da fwont door dis stupid dogg starts barken ats me! We I walks by she barks weally bad and wants tu get out ands gets me...Little does she know dat I'm a Slayer-Seargent in da #ZombieSquad ands I wuld kick hur butt!

Dis is my fwiend Buddy. He libes acwoss da field frum our houze. Sissy ands me don'ts go ober anymore tu see him cuz he's gotted some kinds ob bad skin pwoblem..It's weally bad ands he's losen his hair ands gots bald spots on him..weally gwoss looken Mom says..Yuck..Mom don'ts know if it's conteagious or nots so we stay at home whens Mom goes tu habe coffee wiffs Buddy's Grammy ebery mornen...Poor Buddy...it's kruel cuz dey won'ts take him tu da vet anymore tu gets help...Hoomens...dey can be so kruel ands not take care ob us furry ones.

Dis is my Uncle Bill..Mom calles him Billy Bob. He's da one wiffs da glasses on, BOL! On da wight is my Couzin Peanut ands on da left is my Couzin Sofie...My Auntie Carolyn and Uncle Billy Bob hads tu gibe Sofie tu anober fureber home aways frum dere's cuz she was chasen da horses all da time. She has a new foreber home again wiffs ober doggies like hur.

Dese are some ob my good fwiend Buster's stupid Chikins. I always goes by dem ands laughs ats dem cuz dey are so stupid. I shuld watches out cuz maybe one day dey might peck me on da butt! BOL!

Dese are some more ob my neighbur and good fwiend Buster's stupid Chikins ands some ob his Geese. Now my Mom tole me tu watches outs fur da Geese cuz dey will come abtur yu ands bits yu on da butt like dey did when she was little gurl. Ha!

Ands dese stupid Chikins are my Mom's....Da wed one is Mama Chikin, da black one is Beatrice and da ober one is Honey. Dey waits ebery nite fur my Mom tu put dem up in dere Chikin houze..ebery nite! Dey can now goes intu da garden area wiffouts bein able tu gets outs. Mom lets dem out ebery mornen when we are home, but not when we gone frum home....Oh ya ands my Papa is getten anober Chikin frum my good fwiend and neighbur Buster in a few days. Mom sayed "Gets twu" but Papa sayed no just one more...

And finally....dis is my Mom's kat and my half brofer Mr. Kitty. He can be outs dere some times. He likes tu follow me and sissy Pickie when we goes outs on pawtrol..pfft stupid Kat next fing yu knows he'll wants tu join ups wiffs da #ZombieSquad ands I'll neber gets wid ob him...Only joken...I likes him a lot's ands I'm nice tu him cuz ob my Mom...*whispers* she'd spank my little butts if I gots abtur him all da time...little does she knows dat's when hur back is turned I runs aber him all da time....

Well dat's about it fur me tunite....maybe one more post tu shows yu hows I gotted intu da spirit ob da gween fur St. Patricks day...maybe...you'll just habe tu wait maybe until tumorrow....

Bye bye!