Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A few ob my Mom's Doggie Bandannas

Dis just a few ob mt Mom's Doggie Bandannas dey are kool! and only $7.95 each!

Hi dere frum Fort Bragg CA USA!

Bruvva Fritter acten all sweet ands stuff!

Bruvva looken fur Zombies 

Me showen offs me new Ccowboy Bandanna my Mom mades fur me

Doin da Zombie tussel wiffhs Bruvva
Dis Bruvva Fritter.....dot..dot..dot...ticker tabe runnen...Dis is a special Bruvva Fritter update.....He is 6 1/2 months old now...*wispers* pwetty soon chop chop chop....*giggles*

Dis me ands my big sisur Pickie in da cweek at camp last year...she cwossed ober tu Rainbow Bridge 11/14/14...I sure misses hur lots!

Welp dis all fur now....Oh...my Mom's been maken Doggie Bandannas and Doggie Bowties dere weally cute tuu...check it out on Etsy at


enter hur store name in search: Delighted Paws and luks at da stuff she has been putten in hur Etsy store!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Da Bradley Bumble Bees

Dis my fwiends is our stowy....da stowy ob da Bradley Bumble Bee's

Hi dee ho gud neighbur! Yep dis is my baby Bruvva Fritter Bradley in his new stwipped sweatur completes wiffhs pom pom on top ob hoodie....Me gotted one just likes his....

Dis Bruv at post in pasture fur luk outs fur Zombies.....

Bruv again in his Bumble Bee sweatur....

I was on full Zombie alurt sniffen awound whiles Bruv was chewen ons a stick! *rolls eyes*

Here we boffhs are in our Bumble Bee sweaturs dat our Mom gotted off ob Ebay...whut eber dat is....I don't knows whut she was fhinking ob cuz dey makes us luks like Bumble Bee's but dat's otay we still lubs da ole gal!

We are boffhs still in our Bumble Bee sweaturs and still on Zombie high alurt! Bruv's gotted da sent ob a Zombie I fhinks....

Me and Bruv sniffen outs Pasture Zombies....
More sniffen fur Pasture Zombies....sniff sniff sniff...Bruv's bwinging ups da wear.....

Ands dis is da stowy ob da Bradley Bumble Bee's...me Captain Frisbee aka Goobie Bradley Master Zombie Hunter and my lil Bruvva Pwivate Fritter Lee Bradley...Mom's lil Luv Muffen! *rolls eyes*

Da end!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Chwistmas 2015

Well Chwistmas 2015 has come and gone my fwiends but I wanted tu du a Chwistmas post anyways cuz as far as I is concewed Chwistmas shuld be year wound....don'ts yu agwee??

Dis was sooo funny whens I founded it online dat I just hads tu shawe wiffhs yu....Can yu imagine doing dis?? My Mom's Mom and Dad (my Hoograndparents which I didn't eva getted tu meet dem) use tu habes cats...when da cats were kittens dey use tu climbs up da Chwistmas twee all da time...one Chwistmas HooGrandpa and HooGrandma and my Mom came home (it were nite time) ands da wotten 
mischiebieious kittens had once again climbed up da 
Chwistmas twee...dis time dey boffhs went intu da middle 
and climbed it...HooGrandma wasn't vewy happy my Mom sayed cuz dey knocked off Chwistmas Owinaments ands da Chwistmas twee was on da living woom floor! Needless tu say da kittens gotted a gud talken tu by HooGrandpa and HooGrandma!

 I fhought dis one was funny tu! My Bruv Fritter wuld't use 
his tounge he'd scarff dem cookie wight downs da hatch! 
*rolls eyes* Puppies....dey are animals ain't dey?? BOL!

Hey hey hey Da Friz (dat's me!) is incognitu (in 
desguize) as an Elf! Dey are Santa Paws' lil helpers wiffhs big ears just like me when I was a puppy!

Dis was my Chwistmas Stocken dis year....my Mom 
boughted it at da store here in town...she wote my name on mine...gud fhing cuz den Bruv Fritter
wuldn't gets my cookie tweats and squeekys! It's empty now and just waiten tu be filled once again 

dis Chwistmas! *jumping up and down dancing around the living room floor* and I can hardly waits eiver!

And dis is Bruv Fritter's Chwistmas Stocken....his furst eva 
cuz he's only almost 5 munths old...he was vewy eggcited at all ob da cookie tweats and squeeky toys he gotted...he was so eggcited he didn't knows which squeeky toy tu plays 
wiffhs...yep he sure were and he luved it! And my Mom wote his name on his Stocken tu...see?

Our Mom also gotted me and Bruv Fritter matchen Chwistmas sweaturs...dis is a close up ob mine on me...

Dis me Bruvva Fritter in his Chwistmas sweatur....he was twacken Zombies!

Dis me and bruv Fritter...da lil squirt was twyen tu ambush me frum behinds by twen tu wun me ober!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hi dere!👋👋

Hi dee hoe gud neighburs! Me been buzy wiffhs haven tu share da Pup Pad wiffhs Bruva Fritter! *rolls eyes* But tunite I showed him whu's da Pup Pad Boss and tuk it frum him so I culd goes and posts a quick hello! 👋👋 Hello dere!

My Mom's da bestest Mom cuz she just gotted me and Bruva Emjois! 👍👍 😜😋😱🙀👀👀🐶🐷🐷🐽🐮🐛🐛 see! Cool aye aye aye?? 😎😎😎😋😋😋

Welp gotta wun along barks at yu lator gators!!😬😬😬🐝🐝🐝🐝*flying around the room buzzing* luke at me I is a Bumble Bee! 😎😎

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Scrooges Chwistmas Zombie adventure ands our Elfs suits

Hi dere dis me in my Elf suit dat my Mom gotted fur me last Chwistmas time...

Dis my big sisur swett Pickie she COTRB 11/14/15....

Dis me again getten weady on full alurt fur Scrooges Chwistmas Zombies...

On da scent ob one ob Scrooges Chwistmas stinky Zombie...dey don'ts smells like Gingerbwead Men eithur!....

I just knows I'm on da twack ob a Zombie now.....

Dis whut da Elf suits say on our backs....pwetty kool wight?...Daaaat's wight....
My big sissy Pickie in hur Elf suit...she's taken it easy...on pillow Zombie pawtroll...

Ands dis is my bestest bestest fwiend in da whole wide wurld on Zombie pawtroll fur Scrooges Chwistmas Zombies...she's wearen hur Chwistmas necklace wiffhs little bells on it...I gotted one just like it tuu...

Well dat's da end my dearest fwiends!

Take care and haves a vewy Merry Chwistmas...We hopen yu haves a wonorful day...please take care ob yurselfs ands each obher...our time is short and we never knows when dat day will come dat God calls us tu be wiffhs him just dis side ob heaven dat we calls Rainbow Bridge....


Thursday, December 3, 2015

My new baby Bruvva Fritter Bradley

Well here he is my fwiends me new baby bruvva Fritter Bradley 
Dis Bruv attacken da Chwistmas Monkey

Du yu believes dat outs ob all da many toys we boffhs gotted dat my Bruv likes chewen on my Mom's shoe stwing? Yep!

Bruv and just a few ob our toys

See whut I means abouts haven lots ob toys?? We gotted twu containers full ob all diffewent kinds ob toys like squeekie toys squeekie balls balls dat don't squeekie and lots more!

Bruv playen wiffhs a Chikin toy

Whu culd wesist dese eyes?? Don't letted da eyes fools yu cuz Bruv is full ob piss and vinigar!

Whut a ham he's turnin outs tu be! BOL!

Bruv on da couch looken all sweet and stuff....he's only foolen himself wight?

My Mom likes it when Bruvva Fritter do dis...he plays den naps...plays den naps...plays den naps..yu gets da picure don't yu? Mom sayed he luks just like an Angel when he is sleepen...*rolls eyes* Ya Angel wiffhs horns Mom!

My Mom's all goo goo in puppy luv heaven...*rolls eyes again* Me don't see da big deal Mom it's just Bruv!

Well dis me (da pwetty one! BOL!) I hads tu haves a talk wiffhs Bruv tu lay out da houze gwound wules and tu tell him whu's in charge! Had tu du it! Give him an inch he'll take a mile! BOL! *wispers* Me tole him I was in charge but don't tells my Mom....

And yet anothur talk wiffhs my Bruv Fritter....I tole him I am da queen ob da couch cuz I is bigger den him! BOL! Watch yur step Bruv!

Anover picure ob Bruv looken all sweet and nice....lil du Mom know but he's got devil horns undar all dat hair ontop ob his head!
And yep dis my Chwistmas Stocken all weady fur Santa Paws tu fill it up wiffhs cookie tweats and squeekie toys!

Yep da kid baby Bruva Fritter's gotted a Chwistmas Stocken tuu! *wispers* He bettar be nice tu me or else Santa Paws will leaves him a clup ob cole and I pewsonally knows Santa Paws...yep! me and my Mom knows him vewy well....

Well dis a lil bit ob my new baby Bruvva Fritter Bradley.....

Check back often cuz yu nevar knows I just might be nice tu him and adds somemore picures!


Merry Chwistas tu all my fwiends!