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Saturday, January 17, 2015

A day in da life of me and sissy Pickie

Sissy and me were minden our own buzinezz goen fur our walk wiffs Mom da other day when da neighburs dog Zoie started in on us barken and barken and she wuldn't shut ups! So me and sissy decided tu have a little talks wiffs hur tu tell hur tu be quiet ands stop da barken cuz it's anoyen...Sissy covered my back whiles I approached da fence. I was brave and tole hur tu be quiet! After a few times of tellen hur dis she FINALLY stopped barken at us. I hates tu say dis but I thinks she's got a screw loosed, she's weird but yu gots tu consider who hur Mom and Dad are den yu knows why she's da way she is...It's not hur falt....it's hur hoomens falt cuz dey teaches hur stupid thins and she don'ts know any bettur.......meanwhile.......

Oh I forgots tu tell yu's dat Mom bought me and sissy a new sweatur when she was up ins Washingtun....She calls it a Salmon colored sweater...it's pretty cool cuz it's gots little rinstones on it...cool right? I thinks so...I sparkle whens da sun hits da sweater....sparkel...sparkel...sparkel....and it's warm tu! I luvs my new sweater. Dis is my side view pose fur yu...

 Lookie.....my sissy gots one just likes mine....now we boff sparkel, sparkel....




Mean while backs on da farm....Hee hee.....I walked ups da road tu patrol fur Gofers when it started misten a little bits....it waz cool so I decided tu sticks my tounge outs tu taste da mist...da little bit of wain tasted purty good....Tounges are good fur tasten da wain yu know....


 Me again in my new sweater...Mom just luvs taken lots of pictures....Maaaaa

  I finished da patrol of da field fur Gofers and walked back tu my Mom and sissy when somepen caughts my eye....Dis is da neighburs houze ands it's all fenced so I couldn'ts go in cuz I don'ts know hows tu open da gate.....yet....I looked and looked and culdn'ts believe my eyes....Waz I seein thins?? Nope....yu know what I saw?? I saw a Gofer poken his head outs of his Gofer hole under da apple twee...he waz looken wight at me ands I culdn'ts get him cuz I culdn'ts gets in da yard....Rats!! Dis one gets tu get away...fur now....Ands I knows dere are more in dere tu!!

Mom said we hads tu go in but I just culdn'ts cuz I knowed dere had been a Ratcoon dat walked here....I knowed it and sniffed and sniffed and sniffed fur da Ratcoon...he's my other arch enemy.....

 Dis is whut a Ratcoon lookie like...Yu gots tu be careful whens dey come around...stupid Ratoon eats all of Mr. Kitty's food all da time...He comes every nite just abouts and I knowed he came by way of my fwiend and neighbur Buster's houze tu our houze....


Well dat's about all dat happened the other day when we went fur our walk wiffs Mom tu da neighburs field....always sompen happening...keeps me on my toes fur sure!

Da ends!

Frum yur fwiend Frisbee Bradley......da....WuNdEr WeStIe....

Thant's fur stoppen by my Blog! Come backs real soon tu!



  1. I loss your jumpers, you both look real cute in them!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

    1. That is supposed to say I luffs your jumpers (dratted spellcheck!)

    2. Baa ha ha Princess Zoey! I luvs dem tu!

  2. That Zoe dog was barkin' at ya cause she was jealous. You got new pretty in pink sweaters and she didn't, aye???

    1. She's a pain in da yu knows what Charlie! Ands she probably waz jealous tu! She's weird!

  3. You might not have been able to get that gopher but I bet your cute new sweater was the talk of the neighborhood!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. Hi Murphy! Da neighbors waz talked up a storm fur sure when dey saw me stylen ands profilen in my sweater!


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