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Hi eberyone I iz a 13 year old Westie gurl I libes in California wiffhs my Mommie Papa Fritter Lee and three Chickins Janie Gretta and Julie I iz a Lt Col in da Zombie Squad #zshq

When I was young

Dis me when I was a little pup ands my sista Pickie. It taked me a long time tu figure outs who dis dogg was...who is dis big dog?

Dis me when I was a pup chewen on one ob my toys. I had a lot's ob toys dat I sharzied wiffs my sista Pickie...two big baskets full...ands yu knows whut? Still gots dem baskets full ob toys....

Dis me, (ob course!) outs whens I snucked unda da fence in da frunt yard and wan away frum my Mom...Well yu wuld tu if yu were looken fur Gofers...My first Gofer adbenture....

I was bowlegged wasn'ts I...Can'ts yu tell? pfft!

Gofer pawtrol...I started outs very yung in my Gofer pawtrols I did I did....

I sayed tu myself in dis picture, "Self...whut da heck is dat?" Self sayed it culd be a baby Gofer...Heck I didn'ts care if it were big or small...dey didn'ts scare me at all eben den ands eben now. Dere's no Gofer tu big or tu small dat Frisbee aka Goobie will destwoy!

I sayed tu myself in dis picture, "Self dat weally stinks it's maken me sneeze...aaaaachoooo...shut must be a stink bug ands he stuck his big black butt ups in da air...pointed it at's me and ripped a big one!" Self thoughts dat was funny cuz it didn'ts happen tu her...pffft!

I was being a good girl....wight!...no I always am..*rolls eyes*...anyways in dis picture wiffs my sista Pickie I stooded stills longs enough fur my Mom tu snap da picture...one ob da weally ware ocassions dat my sista looks at da camera...she usually turns hur head when Mom takes a picture ob hur...eben tu dis day she does it all da time.

When I was a little older but still a little pwincess.....*head getten bigger*..Dis at camp...shaggy pwincess I am!

Anober picture ob me when I was a little older buts still young lady at camp...

Yes anober picture ob me...Of course it's me who else would it be...pffft...*rolls eyes* daaa....dis picture taken at camps when I was a little older...I use tu roll in da cow patties da furst changes I gotted when I gotted outs ob da twuck wiffs Mom. When we pulled ups at campen spot on da Wanch Mom letted me outs and I wan tu da first cow pattie I culd find...ands it had tu be da fwesest one don'ts yu know....pffft...*rolls eyes* I only did's it a couple ob times cuz Mom gabed me a washen in da creek and da watur was weally cold ands I cwied a little bit but she said dat's whut I get, can'ts helps it, sorry Friz...Dat bwoke me ob rollen in da fwesh cow patties...habe neber done it agains aftar da cold baffs in da cweek...Good fing it was a sunny day...Boy did I stink tu...was covered frum head tu tail wiffs cow poop!

Me playen wiffs one ob my toys when I was a pup...Buts yu knowed dat wight? Come on....yu did tu!

Me ands my sista Pickie on da sofa one day...Man I had big ears didn'ts I? Can'ts yu see dem? Dere wight dere....can'ts misses dem fur sure. Good fing I gwew outs ob dem fur sure!*feelen ears tu make sure dey haben't gwown*

Ahhh...yets anober picture ob me when I was a youfh at camp one day...Notice...NO COW POOP SILLY!
Sleepen on da pillow on da sofa abter a long day ob playen wiffs sista and da toys..Know whut? I snored backs den tu...baby snores...

Awwww...yes...awwww...when I was a youfh...Dis my sad look fur Mom...

In my youfh again...ands on da back ob da Sofa...I still luvs layen dere all da time! Weally I do!

Me ands sista Pickie playen tug ob war...Whut me aggressave?

Playen wiffs my fav toy when I was a pup....

Ands folks and furry fwiends dis ob course is ME FRISBEE BRADLEY AKA GOOBIE ob course tuday close ups ands personals frum me tu yu!

Well I hopes yu habe enjoyed my adbenture downs memory lane as much as I habe enjoyed sharzieing it wiffs yu!

Dat's all fur tunite cuz it's time fur beddie by wiffs Grammy...We're stayen ats hur houze while Papa is outs ob town fur da weekend...Mom's a fraidey kat ands don'ts likes stayen by hurself whens Papa's out ob town...Grammy like it when we stay...I sleeps wiffs hur on hur bed...yep on da bed under da electwic blanket tu! Me spoiled???? Not fur one minute shuld yu finks dat I am spoiled...*wispering* I is spoiled wotten by eberyone...by Mom da most den Grammy's second den Papa...I knows how tu gets a tweat frum all ob dem all da time.

Nite nite...sleep tights ands watches outs fur da Fairies ands dere dust...I finks dey habe been tippen da bottle again wiffs da spirits cuz dey flys awound ands bounces off da wall...ands den dey flings dere dust ats me ands it getted in my ears, sometimes in my moufh ands up my noze tu! Danged Fairies ands dere drunken state dere in! Be warned ands watches out fur da DUST people and furry fwiends outs dere cuz dey are comen tu a neighburhood nears yu ands eben tu yur houze....in yur bedroom...in da libingwoom ands obher places yu sleeps tu likes awounds da toilet bowl....Ha! Yu've been furwarned by me....Frisbee Bradley.....waits a minute...wait it's coming....wait..otay here we goes.....DA WuNdEr WeStIe dat's who...

Good day ands Good Nite tu all!

I luvs yu all! Dat's a big 10 4 good buddies....



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