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Hi eberyone I iz a 13 year old Westie gurl I libes in California wiffhs my Mommie Papa Fritter Lee and three Chickins Janie Gretta and Julie I iz a Lt Col in da Zombie Squad #zshq

Thursday, April 30, 2015

A note frum my fwiend Bonnie da Westie ands hur Hoouncle's update

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Wainy Weekend

Hello my fwends.

I not tweeted for ova a week now. I so sowwy, please forgives me.

Muvva brought hoouncle home last Tuesday from hospital. He woz vewy frail and fragile. But afta a week wif us he gettin stwonger and stwonger. Mum been feedin him up, but he not got vewy big appetite.

He not got vewy good prognosis from da hospital. His kidney function iz only 25%, he has diabetic non-alcoholic cirrhosis of da liver (not treatment available for dat) and wile he was haffin diffrunt tests in hospital dey discovered he has cancer of da rectum. Dey told muvva dey carn't operate on hoouncle to remove da cancer as he so frail he wud die on operating table, so dey sent him home to let nature take its course, but dey can't give muvva any idea of how long, so cud be few months or cud be a year or bit longer. So it's all up in da air really.

He stayin wif us anovva week den he goin back to his own place. Muvva has had to fight to get a care package for him for wen he back in his own home. Dat involves a carer or nurse to call in twice a day, meals on wheels and help wif anyfing he can't manage on his own.

It a terruble shock for him and muvva dat he got cancer as well. An seems so unfair. But finking about wot me sed a few days ago we haf to live life each day as if it our last, and show dem wot we loves how much we loves dem and treat evfurryone as we wud like to be treated wif respect and love. Cos we neva knows wen it will be our last day.

It vewy hard on muvva, cos now she knows she not got me or hoouncle for vewy long. We boff got shortened lives, but we boff loves her vewy much.

So she bin so busy she not bin able to scribe me blog for me pfffft.

As you know we got Gizmo, hoouncles doggy wif us while hoouncle bin in hospital and now he stayin wif us for couple weeks. He went to da groomers last week, an dey found lots of flea dirts on him, dats dem little black flea poos yoo see sumtimes. Well mum woz mortified cuz we not get fleas.

So she told hoouncle about sum new fangled collars dat da vet recommended called Seresto. Evduntly dey lasts 8 months an cost about £29 GBP. Muvva fort it woz cheaper dan Frontline or Advocate so hoouncle told muvva to get one for Gizmo, and muvva ordered 2 for me and Gizmo.

Dey arrived da next day, cuz vet had to order dem. An muvva put one on each ov us. Me and Gizmo woz ok but a bit quiet wif ours on, but poor Mojo woz in a state. He kept running round tryin to hide and crawlin along da floor on his belly rubbin his chin on da ground and panting. Den slaverin a lot. So muvva took his collar off him for da night. Next day she put it back on him, finkin it woz just dat he didn't like it and wud get used to it, but soon as it was back on him he started acting strange agen and slavering. So muvva took it off him and Googlyfied Seresto on da interweb.

Well my fwends, wot she found woz amazing. Evduntly loads of dogs been ill wif dem collars. Dey iz made by Bayer da big chemical company. Lots and lots of dogs had seizures from wearin dem, and excessive panting and slaverin and all sorts of stuff, and one even died. So mum took me and Gizmo's collars off us and put dem back in da tins and rang da vet telling her about Mojo's reaction and dat me an Gizmo didn't haf same symptoms but we woz very lethargic. Dats sleepy dontcha know. Some dogs never showed any reaction to da collars for several weeks or months, so it not always an immediate reaction. Dat was enough for muvva. She fort dat maybe dey not been researched long enuff for all dem doggies to be ill wif dem.

Anyway, vet rang muvva smornin and sed if she takes da collars back Monday dey will refund us our money as dey haf an agreement wif Bayer. Muvva was vewy pleased cuz all da reviews she red on Googlyfied sed peepuls never got no refunds and lost dere money.

So now muvva gonna do us wif Frontline or Advocate on Monday once dis poison stuff from da collars has got out of our systems.

Finkin bout it, if dem collars last 8 months, dey bound to be extra toxic. An if dey ok for dogs from 8kg to 20kg, it pretty obvious dat smaller dogs near da 8kg weight is gonna be overdosed if da collar is ok for 20kg dogs. Or dats what we finks, an we not scientists so maybe we not seein it clearly. We just lookin at it logically like dogs do.

Muvva is always careful wot she puts on us. She only uses Frontline or Advocate for May, June, July and August and maybe Sept if it hot weather, cos she finks dat all deze chemicals goin into our bodies is a bad fing. Plus we dunt need flea treatment in da winter.

An she sprays round da house wif Indorex wich is brilliant for kiling fleas and dere eggs and lasts up to a year.

Me gone all scratchy now bol *stops to scratch behind ear*.

Muvva gave me furcut today. It woz very long and although me can't see nuffin, me face fur was all ova me eyes, and me snout fur woz all manky and mucky round me lips. So she give me a close clip on me body and left me sides an legs a little bit longer. She didnt do a bad job, but me face fur went a bit wobbly, dat woz my fault cos me wriggled. I hate haffin me face fur fiddled wif.

Here me iz wif me furcut!

Den as if dat woznt enuff she give me a baff. It woz vewy scarey, woz furst baff since me went blind so me woz very scaredid and she had to keep talkin to me and splainin wot she woz doing. I woz pleezed wen it woz ova.

I fink she woz as wet as me woz by da time me woz done Bahahahaha.

I gonna haf a snooze now on me qwilty I fink, cuz me tired afta me baff.

So me gonna say bye bye for now me fwends. Take care and keep safe. An memba to love each other an be nice to each other evfurry day.


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Zombies in disguize?

Well my fwiendz....I thinks dese Chikins are Zombie Chikinz in disguize!!! I satted in da pen wiffz dem fur hourz thinken dey wuld turnz intu Zombiez butz dey neber did'z!! 

I sayed tu dem, "Comez on'z yu stupid Chikinz makes a move!! Just turn intu Zombiez andz I gibez yu all a shakie, shakie den my Mom will bakie, bakie", (only kidden...yu can'tz eatz Zombie Chikinz!)

Mom waz callen fur me so I hadz tu goez andz leabez my post wiffz da stupid Chikinz..."Comen Ma" I sayed tu my Mom az she waz pwoceeden tu comez towardz da Chikin pen....Yu knowz whut?? Fur some weason Mom wazn'tz tu happy wiffs me....wunder why?? Cuz I waz in da Chickin pen silly!! dat'z why...Mom didn'tz yellz atz me atz all she just sayed "Frisbee Ann Bradley, (oh no middle name!), whut are yu doin in dere little gurl?" Dat'z it...all she sayed tu me..

I gotted outz ob da Chikin pen andz wentz intu our houze andz my Mom gabed me andz sizzy Pickie a Cookie Tweat...andz it wuz goodz tu!! Dat'z my Mom!

Da end!

P.Z.- Dat nite whenz I wented tu helpz Mom putted in da stupid Chikins I thoughted I sawed a Chikin turn it'z head andz yu knowed whut?? She waz a Zombie!!! but den she turneded awound andz den she wazen'tz a Zombie...Life'z weird andz complecitated sometimez izn'tz it's??

Weally DA END!

Frum yur fwiend Frisbee Bradley aka Goobie.....Sergent-Advisur, Master Zombie Hunter fur da #ZombieSquad......Frisbee Bradley, (weally it iz!)...daa daa daa dee dee..daaaaaaaaaaaaa, (dat'z a lot'z ob da aint'z it?)....WuNdEr WeStIe!! andz datz my weport tu yu!!!!

Bye Bye

Bye Bye

Sorry....I ain'tz sigen any auetogwaphz wight now cuz I juzt gotted a peddacure!!!

Gofer pawtrol #67

Dis me ons Gofer pawtrol...We Westies haves gweat patienance! I stooded likes dis ober da Gofer hole fur hours...I kept on heawing chewen noises downs below da hole ands I knowed dere was a Gofer or twu downs dere in da hole...I stooded dere, (hey I alweady sayed dis..oh well!) I stooded dere fur a vewy long time, eben Mom culdn'ts getted me offs da Gofer hole...I stooded ands sniffed, sniffed, sniffed....den backs on my little two back paws ands powunced on da hole...den I heawed da Gofer qualing ups da hole ands knowed dere wuld be twouble....

Well sure enoughs da Gofer popped outs it's stupid head ats me....We starred each ober down...da Gofer, (I culds see), was shaken in his Gofer boots! He was bein stalked by da best ob da best Gofer hunters awound...(knowed whu dat is??), ME yu silly willy!! Frisbee Bradley aka Goobie....fastest niffen, squatching, diggen Gofer hunter in da west, (ands I carrys a mean stick tu!)....Wel I means tu tell yu I was weady tu shakie, shakie da stupid Gofer! I hads starred him downs fur da last time, (at least dis one). I was abouts weady tu pouncie, pounch on his stupid head, (just looks at his stupid esspression on his face!...stupid!), whens all ob a sudden he sayed tu me...."I knowed yu are da fastest Gofer hunter in da West buts wuld yu please stops staren ats me!" I sayed tu him, "Meet yur makur Gofer now yu's will DIE!!" I just started tu gwab his stupid heads whens I culd hear anobher Gofer comen tu his wescue ands I was pissed by dis time don'ts yu knows.....I wents in fur da kill ands a shakie, shakie whens da obher Gofer pulled him downs intu da hole!! Wat! ands double Wats! Dang nab Gofers wurks in pairs!!! ands dis one gotted away buts I almost hads him if it were's not fur da obher Gofer, pwobably his Wife!! Dat's otay Gofers nexts time yu won'ts be so lucky as dis time ands it will be big SHAKIE, SHAKIE fur yu boffs..
Da morales ob dis story......bwings Gofer stinky bombs...Dey will runs dem boffs outs or I culd pee downs da hole!!

Da End!

Frum yur fwiend Frisbee Bradley aka Goobie......daaaaaa.....WuNdEr WeStIe!

 RRRrrrraaaAAAA! da #ZombieSquad wules!

My fwiend Whitley

Dis my fwiend Whitley. She has a new Fiesta dwess ain'ts it pwetty? I thinks so ands I just hads tu share it wiffs yu...Yur so pwetty Whitley! Luvs yur Fiesta dwess!

Welcomes tu Blogville Jax!

Hi! My name is Jax. I am new to Blogville. My family had another dog named Nala but she went to the rainbow bridge and the family was really sad bout that. Soon after they got ME!!
I'm currently 2 months old and 10.7 lbs. The rescue organization gave me the name “Mojo,” which happens to rhyme with our hamster’s name, “JoJo! I also have a big sissy named Bailey. I will never get to be as big as Bailey but not too far behind I hope. My birthday is November 19, the DAY AFTER Nala's birthday (November 18) how cool is that??. I also happen to look a little like Bailey.
Bailey has been good with me, checking out my bed and teaching me stuffs like window watching.

I have a feeling that there are lots more things for me to learn from Bailey. Im just so happy to be in a great home and look forward to meeting all of you guys.
WELCOME Jax!! They are on the blog Bailey be Good, so go on over to their blog and give him a BIG Blogville Welcome. We are glad to have you here with us and we look forwards to your adventures.

Welcomes tu Blogville Miss Weezy!

Welcome Miss Weezy

 Hi, My name is Miss Weezy and this is my selfie.
I just got my own blog and so am new to Blogville. Here's my story so far.

My momma and daddy already had 2 boy pups, Bacon, a 5 year old Cairn terrier, and Beanie, a 6 year old Scottie-Affenpinscher mix. But...my momma wanted a little girl pup, and that's when she decided to get me. I was born on October 25 (the same day as my brother Bacon).

All of momma's Facebook pals were waiting excitedly as momma shared all kinds of cute videos and pictures of me from where I was being fostered. My momma even had a puppy shower before she got me and she got all kinds of cute toys and clothes just for me.

Then, on December 20, momma drove for hours and hours to get me. And I knew that I was loved right away, I was just that irresistible! I even won over her big brothers pretty quickly, I AM the little princess of the house and everybody knows it. You brothers better KEEP in step cuz the princess has ARRIVED!!

I am looking forward to meeting all of you and making new friends. My new blog..I just call it
little miss appropriate
Go on over and Welcome Miss Weezy!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

My fwiend Obe Juan Canobie (spelling?) Birfhday pawty

Mornen or Evenin wiches eber applys tu yu visiten my Blog.....

Some ob yu may be wundering why I is dwessed ups like da Star War's Furry Fing Chubakka....

Well I will twy ands answer all ob yur questions dat I finks yu may habe abouts dis issue *being very pwofessional*

I happened tu me one day or was it one nite, can'ts wemember cuz I is habing a few Bwain farts lately like my Mom do...Letted me putted yur mind at west abouts Bwain fart, whut dey are ands whut dey du tu yu whens yu habes dem...

This will only takes a few minutes ob yur time which I finks will be impawtent tu yu tu weceive da infomashion dat I am abouts tu detail fur yu...

Thant's yu fur yur co-oparashion wiffs dis impawtent issue ands mattur

Yu see furry fwiends and Hoomens a bwain fart is nofhing tu weally wurry abouts whens yu experiences one or twu or what da heck fhree...Bwain farts are not hazaradus tu yur health ands dey do not polutte da air so yu still habes, (hopefully) gweat air tu bweath ats all times. Dey are nots dangerus tu obhers whens yu's experence one ands Bwain farts, (trust ands beliebes me), do not letted offs any gasses, vapors, clouds, mushroom clouds or wonchie, stinkie, odorus, smelly smells tu da enviromeent, air yu bweath, watur yu dwinks, tu obher furry fwiends and Hoomens. 

As I sayed before Bwain farts are odorless ands invesibal tu da naked eye. Yu mights sayed dat Bwain farts are safe fur da environmunt ands safe fur watur consumshion ands dey are safe tu ober furry fwiends and all Hoomens ands dey don'ts leaves any stainen on da Bwain studies habe shown.

 Usually Bwain farts occures in Hoomens dat are over 60 ands sometimes dey occur in Hoomens begening at da age ob 65. It is uncommons fur Bwain farts tu occure ands tu be experienceed in Hoomens whu are in da age gwoup ob 0-59 butts sometimes it du happens, occurrs ands is experienceed by Hoomens in da age gwoup ob 50-59.

 Doctors ands Scientest are studyen Bwain farts in wats ands mices ats da pwesent time in da Labs. Dey boffs camed tu da conclushions listed above fur da dweaded Bwain fart...Da wurld may neber know...(someone, somewhere sayed dis).

Bwain farts can nots be seens wiffs Xrays, Katscans or any obher devises in da Medicul wurld tuday. Bwain farts du not scar da Bwain.

Bwain farts can only be founded by usen special Xray Glasses. Dese special glass when used a Furry fwiend or a Hoomen wiffs any smarts can putted dem on ands looks wight intu da Bwain ands see da mysterous thin called a Bwain fart. Dey can see if dere's a special part ob da Bwain dat houzes da Bwain fart until a Furry fwiend or a Hoomen has da non-lefal, non-life thretening Bwain fart. My Mom tolded me dat dese special Xray glasses works justs like da Good Guy ands Wurld Hewo caped crusadur Superman da Man ob steel ands special powers ands he cans fly tu wiffs his special flyen cape dat he changes intu in a Telephonie Boofh. Only differance is dat Superman hads Xray vision ands da wurld tuday has da most impawtent newly inbented Xray Glasses. Whut will da Scientest ands Doctors fink ob maken next..Maybe I'll habe dem invents a special flyen cape fur me so dat I can's fly awound da neighburhood ands my town ands California, USA, heck why nots da wurld destwoyen da slimmy, stinkie, wonchie, don'ts changes der underwere eber Zombie fur da #ZombieSquad. I will writes my Congrussman tuday, heck furgets him I'll goes diwect tu da Pwesedent ob da United Sates ob America..(he mights be a Zombie in desguise so I bettur waits until we getted a new Pwesedent I finks). I mights eben bwing da need fur me tu habe dis special flyen cape tu fights Zombies up at da United Nashions!

A little histowy abouts da Bwain fart

Bwain farts were furst experenced by eawly Man..Butts dey didn'ts knowed whut tu call dem so dey didn'ts du anyfhing abouts dem at all ands all ob eawly Man kepted on wunderen whut da HECK waz happenen tu dem, whut's goen on...butts dey ignorred da Bwain fart ands ates dere Prehistorus Egg fur Bweakfast ands time it wents ons ands ons ands ons ands ons ands ons, (dat's one heck ob a lot's ob time yu's guys!)

Bwain farts wents on fur many, many years until on day backs in 1970 da fwist Scientest expawrienced one himself ands da west we calls History..Yes History was mades dat day in 1970 by a very bwillant Scientest. Dis Scientest began da furst Bwain fart Lab where dey studies da Bwain farts in wats, mices ands Bunnie Wabbits, mostly wats ands mices cuz dey can be stupid don'ts yu knows. Wats ands mices are da bestest speciees tu experiences da Bwain fart. Dey can gets very confussed when dey are walken in da mazes ands dey habes a Bwain fart...dey furgets whut dey are doin ands where dey are going, (which way dids he go...which way did he go...I heards dis one ona my faborite Cartun Buggs Bunnie-da Waskily Widdle Wabbit).

Bwain farts continuued tu be studied ands still are studied tu dis very day by Doctors ands Scientest awounds dis gweat big wurld ob ours.

Currentaly dere is no medicashion yu can's take tu stop a Bwain fart or tu keep dem frum nots happenen..Shit justs happens Furry fwiends and Hoomens...it justs happens..whut can I say?

Now if's I still gotted yur attenshion ands if yu are nots fallen assleeps on me by bein totally boreed tu deafhs cuz dis is so long I will continues on....

Wakie, wakie, WAKE UP!

I finks I explaned dat da Doctors ands Scientest don'ts know hows tu stopped a Bwain fart frum happenen tu yu ands dey don'ts knows exactleey whut dey are, hows dey developes, hows tu cure dem frum happenen tu yu yet, dey just knows dat dere is a fing dey named Bwain fart ands it is not lifes thretenen ands it cans heppen tu YU...yes yu my Furry fwiend or Hoomen yu. Bwain farts du nots descremicates dey happens tu us all ands somestimes we habe one, sometimes we habe twu, sometimes we habe fhree dey just don'ts knows how many yu wills experence duren yur lifetime on dis Eawth dey just know Bwain farts are a weal fing ands nots sompen made ups in da Wurld..So don'ts finks yu are cwazy when's yu experence a Bwain fart just be calm, cools ands collectave ands wurks yur way fhree, dey don'ts hurts at all.  Yu may also finds dat yu might habe one ands nots habes anymore ob dem..Good luck. Da main fhing is tu stays calm don'ts getted excitted ats all be cool hands Luke likes Steve McQueen, (whueber dat waz), welax ands da Bwain fart tu will pass I guarente yu it will pass.

Now tu continue ands da ends ob this long piece ob infurmation fur yu to wead

Bwain fart defenishion is as follows...wead dis carfully ands wead it severul times if's yu weally want tu it's impawtent infurmation tu habe...ands aways we goes...

Whut da Doctors ands Scientests sayed Bwain fart are is as follows:

Whens yu are talken tu a fwiend, etc (for examples), ands yu are talken aways yu will stopp, finks a little bit, wondur ands furget whut yu were talken abouts wiffs yur fwiend..yu wills often sayed outloudss tu yur fwiend, etc, "I don'ts knowed whys I was talken abouts dis subjects ands I furgot where I was in da talken wiffs yu ands furgots whut I was goin tu say." Den yu mights say tu yur fwiend, etc. "Oh well BWAIN FART!" ands yu boffs laughes ands starts talken bouts sompen else..Den maybe 15-20 minutes latur yu will say tu yur fwiend, etc. "Oh now I knows whut I was goin tu say tu yu whens we were talken" It mights eben be's an hour ands maybe it mights be da next day butts yu will wemember...

Anober examples is when yur in da gwocery store ands yu are getten da thins yu habes on yur list...yu might looks awound ands see's whut yu wants tu picks up next ands putts intu yur cart when BAMP it hits yu...yu habes a Bwain fart ands furgets where yu were goin ands furgets whut yu were gonn picks up...Dis my fwiend is an experenced Bwain fart...

Yu see in shorts Bwain farts are sompen we Furry fwiends ands Hoomens experences whens we do dat simple fhing called furgetten...aftur all we all furgets butts nows yu knows da Medicul Termonogie name ob whut yu are experencen...don'ts be's alarmmed...Bwain farts happens tu us all ats one time or anobher..dey du..dat's life..Bwain farts happen ands dey will neber hurts yu ats all dey just a little bitty Bwain fart, non stinkie tu! 

Da gweat fhing abouts Bwain farts is dat dey are nots contegeous, yu can'ts catches dem frum yur Furry fwiends or Hoomens at no time cans yu catches dem ands yu do not's distributte dem in da air..thant's God..

In my conclushion....Bwain farts are safe fur yu tu experence, dey are safes fur da environmentt, ands dey are not spredded awound ands dey don'ts stinks eibher!

Experencing a Bwain fart can be commikal fur yu ands anyones awounds yu..whens yu furget just sayed tu anyones awounds yu, "Bwain fart" ands just hears dem laughs...Dey won'ts knows whut yu are talken abouts butt it's funny fhing tu sayed tu dem.

Da ends!

Frum yur fwiend ands Furry pal Frisbee Bradley aka Goobie Sergent Master Zombie Hunter dese days.....here yu goes I knowed yu beens waiten fur it....daaaaa...WuNdEr WeStIe

Oops I just hads a Bwain fart!

Good day, good luck wiffs yur Bwain fart experences yu habes, be safe, be kinds and spred da Bwain fart wurd awounds..obher Furry fwiends ands Hoomens will catches on tu Bwain farts quick!


Oh ya...furgotted tu explains whys I'm dwessed as Chubakka....Oh no anobher BWAIN FART!

Anyways, my fwiend Obe hads dis pawty fur his 2nd's Birfhday, it was on's a Saturday....

Da Birfhday pawty theme was Star Wars 

Obe asked me whu my faborite Furry fing or Hoomen was in Star Wars ands I tolded him Chubakka...

So he gotted me da Chubakka suit dat I'm wearen in da picture so dat I culd comes tu his pawty as da gweat Furry fhing Chubakka...he's gweat hewo tu me ands I weally likes him tu! I likes da noize he makes all da time..I twyed tu makes da noize likes he does butts it's camed outs all weirred sounden...butt it worked fur me fur da pawty.

So dere I was ats Obe's 2nds Birfhday pawty. It was a gweat pawty. Lots ob good grub tu eats, lots ob peanuts ands popcorn ats da bar, lots ob ballooons, lots of good yummy tweats fur my tummy tu eats up ands lots ob good Furry fwiends awound. I knew some ob dem ands I mets more ob dem dat I didn'ts knowed befores..

In da ends..weally it is da end now...A gweat time was hads by all dat attennded da pawty fur Obe. He was a gweat host, gweat Furry fwiend ands just an ober all gweat Furry Tweeter fwiend tu...I'm very happy tu be able tu be his fwiend ands I was very happy tu habe beens thoughts ob whens he hads his pawty ands invitted me...Frisbee, (Chubakka), Bradley aka Goobie....

Ands dat's why I'm dwessed likes Chubakka in dis picture...


I luv a good pawty

Zombie Gofer pawtrol #98 under gwound bunker destwoyed!

Da date waz March 15fh, 2015...visibility clear ands ups tu 100ft...Weathur waz nice...sun waz outs ands da burds were singen dere sweet songs ands dere waz a Buzzord flyen aboves me...I finks he waz looken fur dinner but it wuldn'ts be me dat's fur sure cuz I wuldn't tasted very good cuz sometimes I can be full ob it don'ts yu know....I pwoceeded tu goes intu da neighburs field tu do my daily Gofer ands Zombie pawtrol fur da #ZombieSquad Earlier in da mornen my neighbur sent outs a S.O.S.Z.T., (I'll bweak dis downs fur yu...S.O.S. Zombie Twouble)...He waz haben pwoblems wiffs Zombie Gofers diggen dere Zombie undergwound meeten place...I waz very alurt at all times ands I haded my Zombie Field Pack wiffs me...

I stayed very alurt wiffs eyes wide opened ands senses on alurt fur Zombie Gofer's ronchie smells...I started pawtrollen in one area dat is known fur haben Zombie Gofers in it...Sighted none....

I pwoceeded tu pawtrol anober area where's I habe seen Zombie Gofer holes ands Zombie Gofer drool....It stinks bad likes wotten feet!
I pwoceeded tu goes out furthur in da field where my sources sayed da Zombie Gofer headquarter are located. Here dey go ober tacktics, plots, exercizes and twaining on hows tu bite or scwatch Hoomens ands ober furry fwiends weleasing just da wight amounts ob Zombie drool therefure turnen dere victums intu Zombies dat dey wecruit intu dere Zombie Army..Too bad dere Headquarters don'ts habe a showar in it's fur dem tu shower cuz dey are very wonchie...butt I don'ts finks a shower or eben deoderunt or eben kalone or perfume wuld help dem in da smell good department. Well I mean tu tell yu I HIT DA JACKPOT! Dere were a lot's ob Zombie Gofer holes just waiten fur me tu attack thus destwoyen da Zombie Gofer ands widding dem frum da neighburhood...Ands my sources were wight ons da money wiffs dis one!

I den pwoceeded tu finds da wight Zombie Gofer hole..yu knows da one...da one dat is da biggest cuz dat wuld be a good indicashion I had founded da main vein in da Zombie Gofer undergwound nest....it wuld also mean dat I wuld be ables tu destwoy da most Zombie Gofers cuz da main vein wuld be where's da leeda's wuld be plotten dere next attack...it wuld also mean dat I wuld find also in da main vein a lot's ob Zombie Gofer memba's going ober twaining ands tacktics...kinda likes a big breefing wuld be.....I pwoceeded tu alurtly, calmly ands bravely monitur da Zombie Gofer main hole...I patiently waited, watched ands sniffed da Zombie Gofer main hole maken sure my targets were still in dere waiten tu be destwoyed by dis Master Zombie Hunter.....Westies are knows fur dere patients....sitten on a Gofer hole fur hours ands dat's whut I did...nofhing wuld destray or distwact me furm dis mission...I wuld not eben leaves dis post fur nofhing...no Cookie Tweats, no pee pee breaks ands no doo doo bweaks...I was on a mission.....I hads tu makes sure dere were a lot's ob Zombie Gofers in da undergwound military post downs dere so I hads tu use sompen special dat my Mom just gotted for me frum G.I. Joe's army store....Weaching intu my Zombie Field Pack I pulled outs my special glasses wiffs special powers, (powers likes Super Man has like seeing thru walls ands stuff like dat). Dese glasses gibes me Xray vision which comes in handy wiffs thins just like dis...(dey also comes in handy fur seeing fru dwesses buts I don'ts uses dem fur dat cuz I aint's a boy I'm a gurl)....Tu continue ons wiffs my weport....I weached in my Zombie Field Pack ands gotted my Xray glasses ands putted dem on...Then BINGO! I surveyed da Zombie Gofer hole area ands BINGO AGAIN! dere dey were....Generals tu pwivates dey were all dere...I had hitted da JACKPOT OB ZOMBIE GOFERS! Dis mission was so very important tu da #ZombieSquad ands I hads tu complete it swiftly, alurtly ands wiffs gweat Master Zombie Hunter teckniques....I knew da piece ob equipment needed tu accomplish dis mission...once agains I wents tu my Zombie Field Pack ands pulled outs twu Hoomen Fart Bombs...Dey wuld du da job wight...butts before I culd pull da pin ands dropps dem intu da hole I hads tu gets my Zombie Gas Mask outs ob my Zombie Field Pack first....so once agains I wents tu my Zombie Field Pack ands gotted my Zombie Gas Mask...I hads tu work quickly ands wiffs lots obe effeciency so I putted ons my Zombie Gas Mask...I decided tu gets more Hoomen Fart Bombs ands puts one in each hole tu makes sure I gotted all ob da Zombie Gofers undergwound...Wiffs my Zombie Gas Mask on I quickly wents tu each Zombie Gofer hole den pulled da pin den dwopped da bomb downs da hole...I hads enough time tu getted aways frum da mission site ands quickly, swiftly likes a Ninja in da nite made my escape tu a safe place tu watches, maken sure each bomb wents off ands dids da job wight destwoying all ob da Zombie Gofers under gwound down dere....BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! one aftur one da bombs exploded ands destwoyed da Zombie Gofers..POOF! ups in thins air neber tu be seen agains...neber tu hurt any hoomen or furry fwiend again! Da mission was a success!

All Zombie Gofer holes were destwoyed alongs wiffs all ob da Zombie Gofer in dere under gwound bunker ands headquarters...or so I thoughts...I heard a noize comen frum ones ob da Zombie Gofer holes so I wented ober tu investigates it...tu my surprize dere wiffs his head poked outs ob da hole waz da main General in contwol ob everyone ands everyfing...He surrendered tu me wiffsouts any pwoblems ands we putted him in da Zombie Gofer War Camp where dey de-computerize dem frum being Zombies tu bein just stupid Gofers...No obher Zombie Gofer wemained in site in dere bunker...I had completed a very successful impawtent mission fur da #ZombieSquad da neighburhood cans west at ease ands sleeps agains at nite!

Da ends ob my weport....by Sergent Master Zombie Hunter Frisbee Bradley aka Goobie....da..stands at attention!....daaa...WuNdEr WeStIe....

Friday, April 10, 2015

Da Gofer

We be haben a break out ob Gofer lately. Watches out fur dere long sharp teefh! Be careful when yu sees one.

Look how stupid he looks!

Be very careful if yu see him in his Gofer hole..Dey can be very visicious!

Anober view ob da Gofer

Watches outs if yu backs him up intu a corner. He can bite yu hard!

Keeps on yur toes eberyone when outs Gofer pawtrollen!


Thursday, April 9, 2015

A day at Camp

Dis is our fire area

Dis is a view frum up da hill at Camp

Dis me...ob course!...ands our gween Dodge.

Mom tole me dis furry fing is called an Elk...I gotted pwetty close tu it tu..Well I had tu check it outs don'ts yu know....

Me in da cweek behinds Camp

Me layen on Papa's back at Camp...soft ands comfie...I fell asleeps just like Papa did dat day...

Me..da Friz ands sissy Pickie at Camp one day just doin nofhing...

Sissy Pickie at Camp doin whut she does best now a days...Dat's otay cuz she's earned it!

Dis where da grub is cooked at Camp

Me..(oh weally) ands my Papa at Camp

More ob me and my Papa at Camp

Ahhh yes...it's me ands my Papa ats Camps

Papa giben me sharzies at Camp one day

Guess whut we're doin? That's wight....sleepen ats Camp

Good sharzies frum my Papa at Camp

Ands finally....dis me ands my Mom...Mom dont's likes tu habes hur picture taken wheneber possible.....Only gotted hur chubby little legs...*Wispering* My Mom is short ands plump little fing....hee hee...*laughen wiffs head in hands ats Mom* 

Well dat all my fwiends frum Camp. Mom will takes some more pictures dis comen May whens we goes outs on our first Campen twip up on da Wanch up Norfhs...

Later Gator!

Frisbee Bradley aka Goobie....daaa WuNdEr WeStIe da da da dat's all folks!


A day ons da Beach wiffs framily

Dis my Auntie Carolyn, (she's da short one..hee hee), my Uncle Billy Bob, Couzin Sofie ands Cousin Peanut walken on da beach up in Washington on da Coast. Mom sayed it was lots ob fun ands she ands Auntie Carolyn founded lots ob Sand Dollars.....

Dis just Auntie Carolyn ands Cousin Peanut walken on da beach on da same day...Auntie Carolyn is looken fur Sand Dollars...Cousin Peanut just wants tu play in da sand ands gets it between hur toes! Baa ha ha! She no help finden Sand Dollars is she?

Dis my Cousin Peanut Smutz. Dis was when hur, hur Mom and Dad were comen tu California, USA fur Chwistmas 2014...Peanut's looken all likes a pwincess..pffft..pwincess...wight wiffs hornes!

Da Ends!

Dis post was dones by Frisbee Bradley aka Goobie....daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, (long aint's it?)aaaaa WuNdEr WeStIe!

#ZombieSquad Rules!

Hey hey hey.....lookie whut I gotted frum my Mom!

Hi ya eberyone! Hopes yu is haben a wonderful day tuday! It's almost da weekend tu! Just lookie ats me...da Friz....My Mom gotted me dis yesturday.  I can use dis on Zombie pawtrols awounds da neighburhood...I culd maybes eben dwive it intu Grammy's in town tu! No woom fur Mom dough....Aint's it pwetty cool! Watches out Gofer, Rattcoons and Zombies cuz Frisbee Bradley aka Goobie da WuNdEr WeStIe is comen tu gets yu!  Please no autographs wight now..Baa ha ha! #ZombieSquad rules!

Gofer pawtroll # 101

It was a bootiful day dis day ob my many, many Gofer pawtrols in da neighburs field. I snuk ups on a Gofer...see...just lookie at how close I dot tu!

Dere was no time fur small talk wiffs da Gofer ands it was shakie, shakie time, (likes my fwiend sayed tu me all da time...shakie, shakie)...

Da stupid Gofer stucked his head outs ats da wrong time! Only fing is dat he was a very slippery Gofer...finks he was turnen intu a Zombie Gofer, (must habe gotted bitten by a Zombie Chipmunk)....

Anyways......I culdn'ts hold ontu him wiffs my moufh cuz he was slippery ands yu knowed whut?  He was so slippery I losted him downs da stupid Gofer hole!

Dis Gofer maybe used hair gwease dis mornen maybe buts I finks he gotted bit by a Zombie Chipmunk tu...

Dats just gweat! Gweasy Gofer, slippery ands slimy ands a Zombie tu!

Next time I'll uses my teefhs ands gets a bite whens I shakie, shakie fur sure...Buts da Gofer pwobably don'ts tasted very good I don'ts finks du yu?

Da End!

Frum yur fwiend Frisbee Bradley aka Goobie....daaaaaaaaaa....WuNdEr WeStIe!

Sergunt-Advisor in da #ZombieSquad ands a Master Zombie Hunter tu!

Bye bye fur tuday!


Hi Finley ands obher fwiends! Luvs yu all!


Da Rattcoons came again

Stinkie ole Rattcoons! Dey are ones ob my arch enemies...First da Zombies, den da Gofers ands den da Rattcoons. Gots tu watches outs fur dese stupid cweatures cuz dey can be very mean!

Dis is my post fur Rattcoon pawtrollen duren da nite...I sits ands sits ands sits just waten fur da Rattcoons tu comes. Dey eats all ob Mr. Kitty's food ands I don'ts likes dat eibher!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I was on Gofer pawtrol yesterday ands dis is whut happened tu me. Dis is where I started outs pawtrollen fur da Gofers in da neighburs field

I came upons a big Gofer hole dat was very intewesting tu me. It was big, deep ands nasty looken. I kepted a close eye on dis hole cuz I knowed dere was a Gofer in dere fur sure!

Ands sure enoughs whiles I was watchen it up popped a stupid Gofer ands yu know whut he sayed tu me? He sayed, "Da whuts up Doc?" I waised back on my two back feets ands was weady tu pounch on him ands do a little shakie, shakie whens all ob a sudden he barred his two big frunt feefhs, shot ups in da air, wiggeled his tail ands back downs intu da hole, I almost gotted his tail da dang fing...I said tu myself, "Self...dwats he gotted away!" Self sayed "Dere be anobher day Frisbee!" Ands we walked aways frum da hole.

As I was leaven he popped ups his head ands stuck outs his toungh ands gabed me dis stupid look!

I sayed tu him, "Yu are lucky Gofer dat I don'ts come obher dere ands shakie, shakie!" I started runnen backs tu da hole ands da stupid Gofer ands he wan backwards downs da hole.

I dugged a lot's tu gets da stupid Gofer but he was way downs in his bunker....

Next time Gofer! Yu just waits!

Da End, (fur tuday)

Yur fwiend Frisbee Bradley aka Goobie....da....da...daaaaaa.....WuNdEr WeStIe!

#ZombieSquad rules!