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Hi eberyone I iz a 13 year old Westie gurl I libes in California wiffhs my Mommie Papa Fritter Lee and three Chickins Janie Gretta and Julie I iz a Lt Col in da Zombie Squad #zshq

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Gud mornen

Good morning frum Lt. Col. Frisbee Bradley aka Goobie and Private Fritter Lee....
It has been a vewy long time since me and Mom have posted anyfing so we wanted to du sompen tuday.
It's overcast and cold tuday I don't fink da sun iz gonna come out.
Welp yu'all haves a gweat day stay warm and neva furget tu take care ob each othur diz iz vewy important tu du.....
Have a gweat day...
Yur fwiends Lt. Col. Frisbee Bradley aka Goobie Master Zombie hunter and Private Fritter Lee

Diz iz a baby swallow

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