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Hi eberyone I iz a 13 year old Westie gurl I libes in California wiffhs my Mommie Papa Fritter Lee and three Chickins Janie Gretta and Julie I iz a Lt Col in da Zombie Squad #zshq

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Holloween!

Happys Holloween's tu all ob my fwriends outs there in Blogville!

Not tu much excitement tunite. Mom took me and sissy Pickie arounds tu some of hur fwriends houses tunite fur a treat! Yummy!

I gots tu goes as a ghost, (I was really scary tu), and sissy gots tu goes as a princess wiffs a pink dress and little crown.

We all hads a lot's ob fun tunite and now I is pooped. It be time fur me tu put on my pj's, look in da treat bag and goes tu bed wiffs Mom and sissy.

Nite all ob my fwriends....talk tu yu's tumorrows!

Yur fwriend Frisbee Bradley....just calls me Goobie fur short!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A dog days afternune

Oh gee Mom du I reably haves tu takes a picture now? I'm so tired...must be all da tookies tuday...I'm so tired I cans hardly holds my eyes open...

Maybe I wills move ober here....

I knows I'll turn my back ons hur ands ignore hur thens maybe she'll go aways wiffs da camera...
 I'll just plays possum ands pretends I is asleep...zzz..zzz..Maaaa..
 I cant's fights it anymores...my little eyes are slowly...slowly closin.....Da last thin I heared was Mom's sayin goods nite Frisbee....habe a nice nap...
I lubs my Mom!
Da ends!
Frum yur fwriend Frisbee Bradley...tha WuNdEr WeStIe......
See yu's laters gators!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Don'ts be afwaid...be likes me...brabe!

Pleaze don'ts be afwaid....be brabe likes me ands gibes me a comment or a like or tu fur my Blog posts....

Me and Mom wuld likes tu hears frum yu...so pleaze feels free tu comment or like anything yu likes on my Blog....

Take care ands thants yu fur visitin my Blog! Comes back rebly soon tu see my new abventures!

Yur fwriend...Frisbee Bradley...tha WuNdEr WeStIe! ober and outs!

Hugs and kisses tu yu's all!

Fwramily and Fwriends pictures-Album one

My fwriend Dakota. She cans be a pest!

My fwriend Buddy. He's a nice older doggie.

This is my ober cousin Sofie. She be a little quazy! My auntie and uncle hads tu gibe hur tu a new home wiffs ober doggies likes hur cuz she wouldn'ts stop chasin da horses by my aunties and uncles house ups in Washington.

This be Mom's stupid cat Mr. Kitty. I don'ts likes cats tu much ands I chase da ones in da neighburhood alls da time but I don'ts chases Mr. Kitty cuz of my Mom...little does she knows it buts whens hur back is turned ands she can'ts see me I jumps on him alls da time! Sorry Mom!
My good neighbur fwriend Buster ands my bestest fwriend eber...sissy Pickie Bradley.

My bestest fwriend sissy Pickie sleepin ats camp Sept. 2014. She sleeps alot's now days cuz she is old....17 years old...

Well dat be all frum me fur nows. I dot's lots ob ober pictures ob my fwriends and human fwirends tu share later!

Habe a great day!

Yur fwriend Frisbee Bradley....tha WuNdEr WeStIe!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Sompin funny

Hellows outs there my fwriends and peoples that visit my Blog......

Wanna hear sompin funny?, (at least I thinks it be funny).......

My Mom made a pot ob Hopper beans yesturday...she cookeded them alls day up untils we hads dinner.....

Da beans had all different kinds ob beans in da pot...frum little tu big beans there be a lot's....

When she makes hur Hopper's beans she adds hamburgler meat pieces tu da beans ands a little brown sugar justs tu makes them a little sweets tu da taste.

Well......Mom had a bowl ob her beans fur dinner wiffs some crackers....she kept on tellings me how goods they were...ober and ober agains ands agains...My mouth started waterin ands I really wanted some ob hur Hopper's beans....and rights now!

I kept on pesterin hur abouts gibing me some ob her beans....I kepts on ands on.....then finallys she saids she hads enoughs ob my pesterin hur and she gaves ins ands gived me some ob her beans......they were yummy! I ates all thats she gived me...ate thems alls ups ands my belly was da fullest!

And here it comes people.........wait fur it......wait....Laters in da night it be time fur me and sissy Pickie tu goes tu bedtime wiffs Mom....she helpeded us boff ontu da bed likes she do ebery night...we sleeps ons da bottom ob da bed.......Then it happeneded....tu me....sweet little gurl.....I felts gassy and couldn'ts hold back any mores ands letted outs da biggest FART I habe eber let outs ands Mom saids tu me....imagines this...whats she saids tu little ole me....da princess...."Frisbee Ann, (that's what she be callin me whens I gets ins troubles), yu are stinkie....rotten....what ins da heck climbeded up yur butt ands died?" She useded da cus words but I won'ts repeat them!

Well I tells yu's it was VERY stinkie that fart ob mine fur sure! eben wakeded ups sissy frum a dead sleeps! I couldn'ts helps it buts I started tu laughs and I laughed and laughed until it happeneded agains! Yep anober fart! I couldn'ts helps it...really...

I thought my fartin episodes were funny....buts yu knows whats? Mom didn'ts thinks so....she saids she was neber, neber goin tu give me any beans anymores....tu bad cuz that be whats she gets fur giben me her Hopper beans!

Well that be it fur now....funny right? Oops...gotta goes...feels anober fart comin on! Maaaaa...comes here ands smell dis one.....

Yur fwriend Frisbee Bradley da gassy WuNdEr WeStIe!  over ands outs! Good nights all!

Fur my ffellow Westies and my humans fwriends outs there

Hi there fwriends! Here be a close ups ob me...Frisbee Bradley...da WuNdEr WeStIe!

This be ons a day whens I was ons one ob my gofer abentures wiffs Mom and sissy Pickie.

I is a durty little gurl ain'ts I? Mom thoughts so! She sayed I was filthy!

This be justs fur yu's!

Frum yur fwriend Frisbee Bradley...tha WuNdEr WeStIe! da Westie that be Mom's bestie!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tha neighburs noize

Hi....Frisbee tha WuNdEr WeStIe here wiffs yu's. I's wunted tu tells yu abouts my abventure this morning wiffs Mom and sissy.

It started outs tu be a normal mornin. Mom wanted tu opens tha diningrume window fur some freshest air cuz it was warm already. 

She hads tu close it cuz there was a lot ob noize outside, so she dids ands said tu me.."Frisbee...I'm not goin tu listens tu all that noize outs there." I saids.."Fine Mom..goes aheads ands close tha window...it'd be otay." I thought tu myself, "Self...what is tha neighbur doin tu create such a louds noize?"

I kept on hearin tha noize ands it didn'ts stopped fur a long time it seemed like, but finally it did stopped.

I luked ats Mom ands she said, "Comes ons gurls lets goes fur a walk now", ands away we's wents tu tha neighburs field...

Nows tha strange part begins..........

We went outs tha frunt door tu tha gate ontu tha road tu goes fur our walk wiffs Mom.

 Me ands my sissy were minding our own buziness, justs walkin ups tha road whens we's both saw sompin strange in's tha bushes. 

I seen it firstest...somepin caughts my eye...Oh it's only a little burd..."It's otay sissy" I saids tu hur ands we kepts on walkin ups tha road.

 I culd smells sompin in's tha air ands I needed tu inbestigate it! I saids tu sissy, "What is that smell...du yu smells it?" She didn't smells anbthing buts I culd smell somepin ands tha smell lead me's tu tha neighburs bush....I smelleded and smelleded but's culdn'ts quites figures it outs...eben sissy cames wiffs me's and starteded sniffin tha bush...Hur smeller don'ts wurks tu gud cuze she b's ole nows....

 I next wents tuwards tha neighburs gate, still smellin sompine in tha air..Sissy was laggin behinds..I is a brave Westie so I tuk tha lead ands went furst.

I kepts on walkin and sniffin ands I still couldn'ts figure out what tha smell was.

I kept walking up tha road by the neighburs fence and found it! Tha smell was of freshly digged holes by tha neighburs fence. I said,"Maaa...I knows where tha noise camed frum this mornin." Mom tolds me tha neighbur had her trees dugged up this morning. Thus this ends the mystry of the neighburs noise.

It was time tu go backs home fur a cookie so off I wents.

In tha frunt gate I wents...ending my adventure and mystry fur tha mornin!

Tha ends!

Yur friend Frisbee Bradley...tha WuNdEr WeStIe...

Thursday, October 2, 2014

My attitude and bordum gots me in troubles at camp one day

One day at our camp I was habing a Westie attitude day. Mom saids tu me, "Frisbee Anne, (that's my middles name), you are bein a little brat ands no ones gonna want tu play wiffs yu cuz of yur attitude tuday! Goes and do sompin, buts stays outs a truble."

Wells I thought about what Mom saids tu du ands decided tu chase my tail tu see's ifs I cans catch it or nots! 

Fur some reason I culdn't catch it at all! Eberytime I tried ands tried buts culdn't catch it. 

Tha game of chasin my tail became a borin so I's decided tu go fur a walk across tha creek that'd b across frum the campfire pit where we's all sits at nite before me ands sissy goes to bed wiffs Mom.

On my way tu the creek I gots thirsty ands stopped fur a drink of cool watar...It was vury cold ands good tu! 

Then I saids tu myself..."Self...wait a minute....whut is thats in the water? Luks like a gufer."...can't be..my eyes must be playin tricks on me...culd be cuz I was so thirsty...But maybe gufer's habe learned hows tu swim now a days!
 After I gots a drink frum tha creek I hurd a noize..I couldn'ts  figure outs what it was...I luked ands listened and luked and listened but culdn'ts figure it outs. 
Whut culds be makin that noize...The noize was comin frum across the creek where I was goin. 

 I saids tu mysels, "Self...yu is a vury brave Westie, goes over tu tha othar side of tha creek to check it outs." 
 So off's I went...justs me...nobudy else...justs me alone...

I walked rounds fur awhile then I gots thirsty again ands stopped fur anober drink ob water.

When I was done drinkin I hurds tha noize again...I looked and listened again fur a few minutes buts still culdn'ts figure outs what tha noize was ands where it was comin frum, I was puzzled!

It was gettin late in tha day ands I knew Mom wuld be worried abouts me bein off by myself so I decided tu head backs tu camp.  I woulds have tu cross tha creek again! 

I heard that noize agains and I tell yu's I was just a little bit scared..Don't tell anybody cuz I is suppostu be vury brave!

I looked away frum tha noize ober  across tha creek and seens my Mom. She hads been lookin fur me. 

She called tu me, "Frisbee Ann...yu gets over here right aways!" She was freakin outs a little cuz I was by myself and there be mountain lions on tha Ranch. Tha only thing I coulds think of was that I was so happy tu see my Mom...I felt safe again and started headin tu hur.

I hads tu find tha right place tu cross tha creek. A place that wasn'ts deep. 

I began luking fur such a spot. I looked and looked untils I finally found tha right spot tu cross tha creek and head for my Mom.

 I began crossin tha creek and I was so happy tu be headin back tu my Mom.

 I crossed tha creek, met my Mom and sissy then me ands sissy went back tu camp intu tha camper where Mom gived us both a tookie.  

Mom saids, "Frisbee...I'm glads yur back ands otay at camps..dun'ts du that again..dun'ts goes offs by yurself anymore." 

Yu knows what? Fur tha remainder of our stay ats camp I neber went offs by myself again!

Tha Ends!

Yur fwriend Frisbee Bradley...tha WuNdEr WeStIe! Hugs and kisses tu yu's alls!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My sissy Pickie Bradley my bestest fwriend eber

 Whens I was just a little pup I was always wonderin who was this doggie wiffs me all tha time.

She was there whens I played wiffs tha toys, wiffs me and Mom whens we went fur our walks ebery day.

 Tha big dog was always watchin outs fur me, takin cares ob me ands protectin me...

Tha big dog usetu play wiffs me and tha toys all tha time! Buts who is she...this big doggie?

 Then one day when I was a little older ands culd understands abuts things Mom told me who this big doggie was....Mom saids, "Frisbee...this is yur sissy Pickie." 
I finally founds out who tha big doggie was. Yes she is my sissy Pickie..she's there tu watche outs fur me, tu protects me,( frum tha stupid neighburs stupid dog Zoie), tu play wiffs me, tu go on adventures wiffs me and Mom, tu goes on walks wiffs me and Mom, tu gets tookies wiffs me frum Mom, tu sleep wiffs me and Mom ebery nite, tu watches me gets my baffs wiffs Mom...but mostest of all my sissy Pickie is here fur me tu luvs me ands be my bestest fwriend foreber! 

 I luvs yu's sissy Pickie and wills foreber and eber and eber....Nows that'd yu'd be oldar I will protects yu and watches outs ober yu!

Tha ends!

From sissy Frisbee Bradley....tha WuNdEr WeStIe