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Hi eberyone I iz a 13 year old Westie gurl I libes in California wiffhs my Mommie Papa Fritter Lee and three Chickins Janie Gretta and Julie I iz a Lt Col in da Zombie Squad #zshq

Sunday, August 8, 2021

Gud morning all

Gud mornen eberyone happy Sunday fhank  yu fur visiten our Blog...it's overcast and da sun iz not out ere on da Coast ob California...pleaze take care stay safe and well and haves a gweat day...

 Me Fritter Lee aka da Kid and our fwiends at da beach twaining...
Yur fwiends Frisbee aka Goobie Lt Col ob da Zombie Squad and Master Zombie Hunter and me Bruvva Pwivate Fritter Lee aka da Kid

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