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Thursday, February 19, 2015

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A Blogs fur my special fwiend Bonnie da Westie


Bonnie da Westie 2/18/15 update


by H Case Wotcha pals, it's Mojo here.

I gotta do the update today as sis chillin out after seeing the eye specialist this morning. Evidently she had drops to deaden her eyes and and all the flashing lights and poking about has given her one of her headaches *rolls eyes*.

We arrived at the clinic in plenty of time. I stayed in the car to guard it, and to see if there were any zombies wandering around. I actually went to sleep cos it was warm in the car and all those cushions and blankets on the back seat were so comfy *yawns*.

What??? Hang on peeps! *wanders over to Bonnie and puts ear to her snout*

It seems she *looks in Bonnie's direction* is going to dictate from here, she said how could I tell you whats happened if I wasn't even in the clinic. Pfffft

OK sis keep your nickurs on! Here goes folks! As spoken by she who must be obeyed *rolls eyes*.

This is now Bonnie dictating to me. *poised with paws over keyboard*

There woz a few other dogs in da waiting room, and one German Shepherd in particular that dragged its owner in barking its head off and lunging at all the other dogs was rilly scarey.  I was on mum's lap and she held me tight to reassure me cuz me started shaking a lot. The receptionist told the woman to take da dog into a side room and wait as it was upsetting evfurryone else. Mum fort da woman shud haf trained it better cuz wen it came out agen it dragged its owner out door and da owner was a rite air head mum sed. Wotever dat is. *puzzled ears*.

After a few more minutes waiting, anovvver Westie came in. Hamish he woz called. He was 12yrs old, I heard mum talkin to his owners an she sed he woz really good for his age and only looked about 5 or 6yrs old. He cudn't see very well his owners sed, but dey fort he got cataraks. He woz dere for his annual injecshon. His owner picked him up and pushed him in me face to introduce us, but corse me not bein able to see and mum telling da man it weren't a good idea, I let Hamish haf a quick sniff den I went for da froat and snarled at him. He didnt half jump, fort I'd given da poor old fing a heart attack. But he was ok. He just shrank back and kept his head down for rest of da time. Fink he woz scaredid of me.

At last we woz called in. It was Goran, Mr Carter's assistant specialist man fingie. I likes him, cuz he nice and friendly. Woznt so keen on him wen he started pokin me eyes about tho. He asked mum how I'd been and evfurryfing, and if me woz coping and all dat stuff. Den he flashed lights in me eyes and put some drops in to make me eyes go numb. I can't see nuffin but mum sed he was putting somefin on me eyes to check da pressure, fink he sed it was 5. Dunno if dat good or bad. Den he was fiddlin about wif me eyes and made some notes on his laptop. After he'd done dat, Mr Carter da big boss eye specialist man fingie came in and asked how me was too. So mum had to repeat evfurryfing she'd told Goran, while Mr Carter was examining me eyes.

Mr Carter sed da retina and optic nerve is totally ded, and dere's no sight wotsoeva in either of me eyeballs. He sed he wants to see me in 6 months time for a check up, cos as da cells in da retina and optic nerve decay and reabsorb into me body, it can cause infection in da eye, so dats wot he wants to check in 6 months time.

Then it woz time to come home. Mum carried me out to da waiting room cus me a bit snappy wif other anipals at da moment, cus me can't see dem and dey make me jump, so to avoid any hassle it easier if she carries me, but she called me a fat lump infront of all da ovver dogs waiting in dere. WUDE!

Mum paid da bill, and dey said dey would send an appointment in 6mths in da post.

Then we went out into da carpark and got in da car. Mojo was pleezed to see us, and kept barkin at us which is rilly noisy cuz he got a loud bark like a big dog.

Den we came home.

End of dictayshon.

Mojo here agen, she's dozed off and haffin a nap now, sez it's all too much for her. She's a rite Diva!

Infact I'm gonna join her I fink, cos all dis scribing werk is exzorstin.

Will keep you updated pals from time to time, she's got another ACTH stimulation test next week.

Oh blind O'Riley I nearly forgot! *slaps head with paw* She's got a blog. Dunno if she's alreddy told you, but you can view it here >>>
Its a sort ov diary of her life, with pages giving information on SARDS and Cushings and where to get special aids for all kinds of disabilities, and other stuff as well. She's hoping when it's finished it will help other owners wif disabled dogs, not just blind ones, but any disability. 

And there's a section on The Zombie Squad too.

Thats about it for now, will do another update soon.
Thank you for all your support my friends, sis, me and Muvva really appreciate it.

Mojo, Bonnie & Mum

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Da wide tu Boatyard Shoppen Center

Come on Mom sissy Pickie and me are weady tu go tu da Boatyard Shoppen Center
I called shot gun and beat sissy tu da front seat nexts tu our Mom cuz I gots tu be where da actions is! On da way tu da Boatyard Shoppen Center I sawed a sign dat I neber seens before it sayed Uhaul Twailers. I said tu Mom, "Mom whut is a twailer? do we needs on ob dem?" She explained likes she always do about thins ands I pwentended tu know whut she was sayen...and sayed Oh, otay Mom dat's a good thin...
On da way tu da store in da Boatyard Shoppen Center since I was shot gun I hads tu helps my Mom wiffs hur driben and watchs outs fur da ober guy ands I did tu..I sayed, "Mom! watches outs fur dat guy cuz he's gonna backs intu yu." Stupid hoomen driber anyways. Me and my Mom dribes a lot's better dan da ober guy. pfftt...it was a close one and my Mom sayed tu me, "Frisbee....I don'ts know whut I'd do wiffsouts yu as my co pilot and shot gun gurl, thant's yu." I smiled ats my Mom and sayed, "yur welcome Mom...it's my job...it's whut I gots tu do bein shot gun!"

While I was looken outs da window I got a sniff full ob somethen dat smelt very familuars tu me....sniff...sniff...sniff...I sniffed and sniffed, enhalen deeply and sayen awww...dat's semlts gweat...

Da smell was delicous!! Ands I knowed whut it is tu!
I kept on sniffen da delictible odar as it grew closer ands closer...den I sawed it...
Yep...it was Papa Murphys...da PIZZA PLACE!!! I luvs pupperoni pizza, it's my favorite!!

After Mom wents intu da Grocery store, while me and sissy Pickie guardeded da car, (well sissy was sound asleeps in da back..pfft..), we headed fur home sweets home..Mom letted me sitt on hur lap ands I hanged my head outs da window wiffs da wind blowen in my hair!! 

 Da End!

Yur fwiend Frisbee Bradley....da WuNdEr WeStIe...ober and outs fur now!! Thant's fur stoppen by my Blog!! xoxoxoxo

Friday, February 13, 2015

Atomic Dog lady

Hi everybodie!! Lookie at me!!! I dot's a baffs ands hair cut!! I all spiffied up!! Luvs yu all!

Da Atomic Dog lady came last week tu our houze. She has a special van dat's got's all da stuff needed tu gibes a doggie a baff, blow dwy and hair cut. She's really nice ands gentle tu..yu know whut? When she is all done I gets a cookie frum hur.

While I was waiten tu gets all done I lookeded outs da window in da van and yu know what I saw?? My Mom...she was standen dere looken at me and wabing tu me tu...I culdn'ts wabes back cuz da lady was shabing my frunt legs so I just gabeded my Mom a big Frisbee smile and yu know whut my Mom did?? She gabed me a bigger Mommie smile back ands blew a big kiss tu me...ands I caught it! It was kinda hard but I did it's ands I didn'ts wipes it offs eiber!

Da end....Frisbee Bradley....da WuNdEr WeStIe ober and outs until next time...next station...next dial...

Bonnie da Westie update as of 2/10/15

Dis is wonderful fur Bonnie
by H Case Good morning my fwends.

I apologize for not updatin yesterday but we woz so tired afta da long drive to da vets for me ACTH test.

Woz a lovely day yesday. Too nice to be stuck in da vets! Pfftt Da vet had told mum to starve me from teatime yesday, but I haz to haf me tablet wif food so she looked on da drug manufacturers website and it sed on dere not to starve before ACTH if already taking da tablets, as it gives a false reading, cos da drug isn't in me system then. Good job she checked. Good old muvva.

So anyway, she printed da page off, cos the knows vets don't like you telling dem anyfing, and we took it wif us. We also took a sample of me wee wee.

Dere wasn't much traffic, and drive across Bodmin Moor (yoo shud Google it cos it's booful countryside) was luffly mum sed. I cudn't see nuffin but dere woz lots of smells waftin in da window of sheep and wabbit poo with da occashonal aroma of cow poo too. So it made my mouf water.

We gotz to da vets at midday and afta handin in da printed page da vets nurse took me lead and was tryin to drag me out da waiting room. Muvva flew across da room, I heard her feetz on da floor, woz like stampeeding wildurbeests.

She told vet nurse off and told her I woz totally blind and it woz no good draggin me along cus I is disorientay... disoryin.... didn't know ware me was sposed to go. Muvva told her to keep talking to me so I could follow her voice and guide me gently, or if she cudn't do dat to pick me up. So she picked me up. *rolls eyes*

And dere I was for 3hrs. Wile I woz being shaved an injected wif stuff and haffin me blood samples taken, muvva woz off out down town lookin in da shops. OK I exagurate, down town, dere's about 10 shops and 3 of dem iz charity shops and most of de ovvers is banks an estate agents (or real estate offices for me fwends ova da pond).

She bort a pasty (meat pie) in da bakers she sed, and sat in da carpark and ate it wif sum lemonade, she sed dere was crocus and snowdrops in bloom and dat it woz luffley an sunny sittin on da grass. So sounds like she enjoyed herself while me was being mauled about by da vet. Pfffttt

At 3pm da vet ran muvva and she came to collect me. Corse da vet nurse brort me out on me lead, but I had heard me muvva's voice and was pullin on da lead to get to her. Nurse sed 'Yoo'd neva know she woz blind would yoo" I felt like bitin her ankle, I'm blind not stoopid woman!

Muvva had paid da bill by da time I got to her, so she scooped me up and held me tight cuz me was scardid. I gets frighted wen me not wif mum since goin blind, and it had been a horrid day for me bein pulled about, it bad enough wen yoo can see, but wen yoo can't dey seem to be comin at yoo from all drekshons.  So me snuggled into muvva for few minutes den she carried me out to da car ware we had anuvva long cuddle, before driving home.

We called in at hoouncles on da way home to collect furbro Mojo. Hoouncle sed he'd had lots of cuddles, and one for ova an hour, but da last hour before we got dere he had laid by da front door and wouldn't move. Pfftt.. honestly pals, deez hoomans know nuffin about us dogs duz dey? Mojo knew we woz on way home, dats why he woz laid dere waiting. *rolls eyes AGAIN*

So anyways, mum carried me into hoouncles and I was so pleezed to see Mojo and cousin Gizmo, although Gizmo's anuvva story. Shrieks for no reason and scares us all to deff and is frighted of his own shadow. Always bin da same since hoocunncle had him. He had alreddy had one home so dunno wot went on dere, but it's left its mark on him. He's ok tho, just gotta prepar yerself for a fright wen he's around.

Hoouncle had cooked dinner for muvva, so she woz grateful for dat. We had to wait til we got home. *yea yoo guessed it rolls eyes AGAIN*.

After dinner we went home and we woz so tired me and Mojo woz asleepin most ov da evening and mum had trubble keepin her eyes open. But it's all over now til a munfs time wen me has to haf anuva one.

I'll update now an agen pals so yoo knows wots appenin in me little werld, cuz next week me got to see da eye specialist man agen. Da one wot puts dem electrode fings on me eyes afta sedaytin me. Hopefully it'll be da last time me has to haf dat dun. So an even longa mammof drive next week. No I hint gonna roll me eyes agen, its gettin borin dat, I gonna fink wot else me can do.

I know! I know! Me gonna do one of deez for a change *puts paws on hips!*


Fanks for followin me froo dis pals, I dunno wot we wud do wivout yoor support an help. I rilly rilly loves yoo all and so duz me muvva. She dunt say much poor old gurl, but she duz love me and she fanks yoo all for bein so loyal an luvin to me. *wipurs* I fink she da bestest muvva eva but we all finks dat bowt our mums dunt we.

Lottsa love an hugs

Bonnie, Mojo and Muvva


Bonnie Da Westie update as of 2/11/15


My special fwiend Bonnie da Westie



by H Case Hello my fwends,

Bonz here dictaytin to Mojo my scribe. *Pokes Mojo to wake him up*

Da vet haz just telephone wif da results of my ACTH stimulation test me had on Monday. It seems the ideal figure after da test, from da last blood sample taken should be less dan 250, mine woz 389.

Sally da vet sed dat she not gonna increase my Vetoryl meds at da momunt, cus me only been on Vetoryl for 10-14 days, plus da fact me is overweight WUDE!!!! I iz 12kg now, SARDS and Cushings make doggies put on weight and at da momunt muvva is trying to cut me food down so I not always hungry and I lose some weight.

She woz feeding me half n half tinned food and kibble, and was weaning me onto just tinned food, cuz I gets regular urinary tract infecshons and a wet diet is better for dat kind of fing. But Sally da vet says me wud be better on a dry diet cus it would make me feel fuller for longer. So now mum wondering wot to do wif da 5,000 tins of dog food in da cupbord. Well ok me exaguraytin, dere's about 20 tins in dere.

Muvva's gotta get more dry feed now so me can be weaned onto dat eventually wif no tinned food at all. No Mojo it dunt mean yoo get double rashons to get rid of da excess tins *rolls eyes*.

Anyway *pokes Mojo agen just cuz I can* pay attenshon Mojo *giggles*

I fink he needs claws cuttin cuz he keeps hittin da rong keys on da keybord.

Ware woz I? Oh yea me food and me erm... *coughs* weight.

So me got anuvver ACTH test in 4 weeks, on .... *gives Mojo help onto chair to read calendar* ... 25th February.

*wobbles and falls sideways under weight of Mojo as he loses balance*

If me has lost some weight by den me cortisol level should be lower as eviduntly Sally da vet sed it werks wif body weight or sumfink, so will werk better if I'm not so fat WUDE!!!!!

And once me had dat next test she can go by da readings better, so at da momunt me is bein kept on the low dose me alreddy on. Sally sed deres lots ov side effects wif dis drug like being sick an exploding bums and stuff, so she not really want to give me more at da moment and wants to make sure of evfurryfing before increasing me dose. Wich makes sense to me even if it duz go rite ova me muvvas head. *rolls eyes agen*

MOJO!!!!! Iz dat yoo snorin? Wake up for Dogs sake! Honestly yoo cant get da staff deez days. *pokes Mojo agen* I iz beginning to enjoy dis *giggles*

In brief, if dats possuble, me cortisol level still too high, only been on Vetoryl 10-14 days so not surprising, anovver test in 4wks and take it from dere if me needs more Vetoryl or stay on dose me on now.

Dats it I fink, I won't menchun da weight agen. Pffftttt

Sally asked how me is in meself, wich mum found hard to ansur coz along wif da Cushings as yoo know me got SARDS and blind, wich hint no fun wen yoo carnt see nuffin. So mum sed I layin around a lot lookin depressed and a bit lethargic, but me not haffin to pee in the night no more and I not peeing quite so much during day neitha. So dere is sum improvemunt. 

Between yoo and me an da dog bed, I fink muvvas a bit frighted ov when dey increase dose of me meds, cuz of side effects and stuff. Dunno why she's frighted it's me gonna be taking dem.

Thats about it for now pals. Mojo sez he got writers cramp, he gonna have collie flower ear in a minit if he dunt keep up wif me dictashon.

I got me eye speshulist appointment next week, but me will do a couple updates before den, so yoo know how me's getting on.

Fanks for all yoor support my besties, yoo haf no idea how much it means to me muvva, the old gurls coping pretty well wif evfurryfing at da momunt bless her. I duz love her even if she iz rashonin me food.

Lots of love an hugs

Bonnie Mojo and Muvva

Sunday, February 8, 2015


Da other morning on our walk wiffs Mom I was walken ups da road and stopped and turneded awound cuz I heard sompen weird...

I kept on walken and stopen ands turnen awound cauze of da weird sound...

I even lookeded in da neighburs yard ands couldn'ts figure it outs.....

Den on da way home me ands sissy foundeded outs whut da weird sound was...It was da stupid neighburs stupid barken dog Zoie...Dat's all she does is barks ats me and she wants tu get outs and gets me.  Sissy hads my back, (like always), ands I went ups tu hur tu see what hur problem was...She wuldn'ts stops barken and jumpen at da fence tu gets me and den she sayed, "I want yur sparklie sweatur yu little b...." She sayed a bad wurd ands I tole hur tu shut up ands so did sissy, ands we sayed she was stupid ands was just jealious of us cauze we lookeded purtyder dan she did...She finally stoppeded barken a lot and we walkeded away frum hur, sissy still gots my back tu just in case she gotted outs...

Did is me stylen and profilen...I looks gweat in my sweatur don'ts I?

Dis is my sissy Pickie in hur matchen sweatur, same as mine!

Dis is me again...Hi Mom lets go gets a cookie!

Ands dis is me stiken my tounge outs at Zoie da stupid neighburs dog!! Dat's whut she gets!!

Da Ends!!

Yur fwiend Frisbee Bradley Da WuNdEr WeStIe!!! 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Gween is da color I waz

Da other day Papa waz mowen da pasturez and azked me if I wanted tu help

I helpeded Papa and lookie....I gotz all gween..all over!!

Andz look whut it gotted me!! Yep I gotz a baff by Mom!! Dat's otay cauze I luvz my baffs wiffs Mom...

Bonnie da Westie update 2/6/15


by H Case Wotcha pals,

Juzt a quick update, dis is Mojo cuz sis cant see nuffin at all now to rite.

She is doin really well on her meds for her Cushings. Mum has to take her to the vet next Monday 9th February for another ACTH stimulation test to see if she needs the dose increasing, wich she probably will cos they only started her on a very low dose. It's a potent drug, so they have to build it up gradually, til it controls the symptoms of Cushings.

Mum has to get her to the vet for 12 noon, so will be leaving home about 10.30 as it's a long drive. Mum and me got to leave Bonz there for 2 or 3 hrs as she has to have a blood sample taken, then have an injection of steroids, wait a couple hours then take another blood sample. This measure how much cortisol is being released. Then both blood samples are sent off to a lab and we get the result in a few days. So probably end of next week sometime.

This link tells you all about the ACTH stimulation test and also what coritsol controls in our bodies.

When the vet gets the results she will then know how much to increase Bonz meds by and she will start on the higher dose. Then sis has to have another ACTH stimulation test in 4 wks time to check if the higher dose is controlling the Cushings or not. If not they adjust the dose again. Eventually and a few ACTH tests later she should be on a stable dose and will only need testing every 3mths.

These tests are quite expensive, as are her meds, so muvva has decided to keep her donation page open. Although there are enough funds in there at the moment after everything that we've had to pay for, until March.  As the dose of Bonz drugs goes up, so does the cost of the meds.

Then on 20th of February we have another long trip to the eye specialist we saw at Newton Abbot for a final electroretinogram and some other tests. This will be, hopefully, the last time Bonz will have to be seen by this specialist. This isn't for her Cushings, this is for the SARDS. Another condition. Mum will leave me with hoouncle probably and go up with sisfur on her own.

So we got a lot of travelling the next couple of weeks, and the tests.

Generally sisfur is doing very well. She's adjusting to her blindness and to look at her she still has those lovely dark brown eyes, and always will have. So she looks like she can see but of course she can't. With cataracts and other eye diseases and conditions the eye goes pearly white or discoloured. With SARDS the eye looks normal.

She is used to her halo coat and it does a fab job of preventing her knocking her face and hurting herself. She's also used to her wagon now and enjoys it when mum takes us out for walks. She sits in her wagon like Lady Muck BOL. Mum does let her have a walk around at the nature reserve on the extending lead, but for her safety she always rides back in her wagon. I get a lift in there sometimes too. It's great cos I can see much more as it's high up, well it is to me anyway I've only got 3" long legs. It's like being ontop of Everest and looking down on the world.

So that's about it for the update pals. I'll write another one once we've been to the vets on Monday. I'm kept busy at home making sure sisfur is ok, and I have become really protective of her.

Have a super weekend my friends,
All our love
Bonnie, Mojo and Muvva