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Hi eberyone I iz a 13 year old Westie gurl I libes in California wiffhs my Mommie Papa Fritter Lee and three Chickins Janie Gretta and Julie I iz a Lt Col in da Zombie Squad #zshq

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Da wide tu Boatyard Shoppen Center

Come on Mom sissy Pickie and me are weady tu go tu da Boatyard Shoppen Center
I called shot gun and beat sissy tu da front seat nexts tu our Mom cuz I gots tu be where da actions is! On da way tu da Boatyard Shoppen Center I sawed a sign dat I neber seens before it sayed Uhaul Twailers. I said tu Mom, "Mom whut is a twailer? do we needs on ob dem?" She explained likes she always do about thins ands I pwentended tu know whut she was sayen...and sayed Oh, otay Mom dat's a good thin...
On da way tu da store in da Boatyard Shoppen Center since I was shot gun I hads tu helps my Mom wiffs hur driben and watchs outs fur da ober guy ands I did tu..I sayed, "Mom! watches outs fur dat guy cuz he's gonna backs intu yu." Stupid hoomen driber anyways. Me and my Mom dribes a lot's better dan da ober guy. pfftt...it was a close one and my Mom sayed tu me, "Frisbee....I don'ts know whut I'd do wiffsouts yu as my co pilot and shot gun gurl, thant's yu." I smiled ats my Mom and sayed, "yur welcome Mom...it's my job...it's whut I gots tu do bein shot gun!"

While I was looken outs da window I got a sniff full ob somethen dat smelt very familuars tu me....sniff...sniff...sniff...I sniffed and sniffed, enhalen deeply and sayen awww...dat's semlts gweat...

Da smell was delicous!! Ands I knowed whut it is tu!
I kept on sniffen da delictible odar as it grew closer ands closer...den I sawed it...
Yep...it was Papa Murphys...da PIZZA PLACE!!! I luvs pupperoni pizza, it's my favorite!!

After Mom wents intu da Grocery store, while me and sissy Pickie guardeded da car, (well sissy was sound asleeps in da back..pfft..), we headed fur home sweets home..Mom letted me sitt on hur lap ands I hanged my head outs da window wiffs da wind blowen in my hair!! 

 Da End!

Yur fwiend Frisbee Bradley....da WuNdEr WeStIe...ober and outs fur now!! Thant's fur stoppen by my Blog!! xoxoxoxo


  1. Crikey ...... that sure was an excitin' ride in the car. You did a great job helpin' your Mom with her drivin, aye??

    1. Thant's Charlie! I always twys tu helps out my Mom as much as I can! She luvs it tu!

  2. What a great car ride and you riding shotgun, pawfectly done there Frisbee
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. OMD, you are soooo lucky!!! Ma doesn't let me sit in the front...something abouts my 60lb arse climbin' all over her while she's tryin' to drive...whatevers. I have the extra cab of the truck as all mine!! Still, I have to stretch to gets a good sniff outta the window! Not fair!
    I hopes the pizza was good!
    Ruby ♥

    1. Yu is so funny Ruby! Maybe sweet talks yur Mom? Yu never know maybe she'll give ins!


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