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Hi eberyone I iz a 13 year old Westie gurl I libes in California wiffhs my Mommie Papa Fritter Lee and three Chickins Janie Gretta and Julie I iz a Lt Col in da Zombie Squad #zshq

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Chwistmas 2015

Well Chwistmas 2015 has come and gone my fwiends but I wanted tu du a Chwistmas post anyways cuz as far as I is concewed Chwistmas shuld be year wound....don'ts yu agwee??

Dis was sooo funny whens I founded it online dat I just hads tu shawe wiffhs yu....Can yu imagine doing dis?? My Mom's Mom and Dad (my Hoograndparents which I didn't eva getted tu meet dem) use tu habes cats...when da cats were kittens dey use tu climbs up da Chwistmas twee all da time...one Chwistmas HooGrandpa and HooGrandma and my Mom came home (it were nite time) ands da wotten 
mischiebieious kittens had once again climbed up da 
Chwistmas twee...dis time dey boffhs went intu da middle 
and climbed it...HooGrandma wasn't vewy happy my Mom sayed cuz dey knocked off Chwistmas Owinaments ands da Chwistmas twee was on da living woom floor! Needless tu say da kittens gotted a gud talken tu by HooGrandpa and HooGrandma!

 I fhought dis one was funny tu! My Bruv Fritter wuld't use 
his tounge he'd scarff dem cookie wight downs da hatch! 
*rolls eyes* Puppies....dey are animals ain't dey?? BOL!

Hey hey hey Da Friz (dat's me!) is incognitu (in 
desguize) as an Elf! Dey are Santa Paws' lil helpers wiffhs big ears just like me when I was a puppy!

Dis was my Chwistmas Stocken dis year....my Mom 
boughted it at da store here in town...she wote my name on mine...gud fhing cuz den Bruv Fritter
wuldn't gets my cookie tweats and squeekys! It's empty now and just waiten tu be filled once again 

dis Chwistmas! *jumping up and down dancing around the living room floor* and I can hardly waits eiver!

And dis is Bruv Fritter's Chwistmas Stocken....his furst eva 
cuz he's only almost 5 munths old...he was vewy eggcited at all ob da cookie tweats and squeeky toys he gotted...he was so eggcited he didn't knows which squeeky toy tu plays 
wiffhs...yep he sure were and he luved it! And my Mom wote his name on his Stocken tu...see?

Our Mom also gotted me and Bruv Fritter matchen Chwistmas sweaturs...dis is a close up ob mine on me...

Dis me Bruvva Fritter in his Chwistmas sweatur....he was twacken Zombies!

Dis me and bruv Fritter...da lil squirt was twyen tu ambush me frum behinds by twen tu wun me ober!


  1. i luffs you two in your jumpers, adorable
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. Fhanks yunPwincess Leah and Julie! We luvs dem tuu!


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