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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Lookie what I just learned

Well da other day when I waz on Facesbuk one of my fwiends dere posted a cool thing...Lookie at all da abreviations I can use. Yu probably already knows dem all buts I thought I'd sharezie dem wiffs yu...ready...set...goes.....BOL!

BOL - Bark out loud
BRB - Bark right back
BFF - Best funny fwiend
LMFAO - Licking my funny arse off (Ha!)
OMG - Oh my Great Dane
J/K - Just kibbling
GR8 - Grrrrrrreat
WTF - What the fleas
BTW - Big tail wag
SMH - So mad at my Hoomen
GTG - Got tons of gas (dat's me!)
CYA - Can't yap out loud (Homan watching)
TTYL - Ticks totally yucky losers
BYN - Beggin for num-nums
LYLALM - Luv yu like a little mate
MYOTR - My Hoomans off the rocker (I like dis one!)

Anyways....likes I said yu probably already knows all dis stuff but I thought it waz pretty cool and it's new tu me so I wanted tu sharezie wiffs my pals...

 OMG!! Hey yu'all I've gots a new one fur da list......guess what it is??
Wait fur it.....wait....wait....otay

BIA - Butt in air!! (Ha!)

That's it fur now...BAYL....Bark at yu later yu know....

Thant's fur stoppen by my Blog!! Come back often....

Luvs yu all!!

Yur fwiend Frisbee Bradley AKA Goobie....da WuNdEr WeStIe!! over and outs!! Tens fours good buddies......

 By da way....dis is my "What's did yu say" look....I gots a lot's of dese kinds of looks and I use em on my Mom all da time!!

Otay Mom I'll be good....Maaaaaaaaa...don'ts pull my tail and pestur me.....otay I'll close fur sure wight now Mom!!

Good bye, bye.....fur now cuz yu knows what?? I'll be back.....who said dat??



  1. Dose are some new ones for me - I gotta remember dat list!

  2. I luffs MYOTR, finks that could get lots of use round here!
    That is a very useful look your got there Frisbee, bet that gets loads of treats!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

    1. Hee hee...laughing behinds paws....glads yu likes da look. Gots lots of dem!


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