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I don'ts knows where Goobie comes frum but dats what Mom and Papa calls me!

I love walks wiff my Mom ands my sissy Pickie, barkin ands sniffin ebery night fur tha Ratcoons, stockin, diggin fur gufer (I likes tu pounce on tha holes), rides wiffs Mom or Papa, hangin my head outs tha window tu feels tha wind in my hair, helpin Mom in tha garden and yard diggin and chasin tha neighbur's cats.

I luvs my Mom and Papa vury much! I goes everyware wiffs Papa ins his truck. I gets to sits on his lap ands hangs my head out tha winda all tha time.  Mom says I is Papa's lil gurl and I b spoiled!

Papa ands I go downs tu the riber tu see alls tha fishermen friends, tu Grandma Mary's, to Papa's cuzin's house tu gets woods tu delivers and a lots of ober places tu.

Yur fwriend Frisbee Bradley

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Da Zombie pig weport

:zombiehorde   Weport time.....Weport time.......*drum woll* Ok soljurs keep down da applause please time tu get tu my Zombie Squad weport........Dis weport has tu du wiffhs when we was a camp on da wanch....Well....it were da furst mornen we was dere....we had's eberfhing set up fur da kitchen and my Papa putted on a pot of camp coffee....*wispers* I don't want tu hurt his feelins but boy he makes stwong coffee culd stand a spoon up in it...BOL...Anyways....dere we all were waiten fur da coffee tu getted done purken....I suddenly hurd a noise and I knowed whut it was it was da squeel ob a Zombie wild piggie....Dey gots a special kind ob squeel don'ts yu knows....Baahahaha....I tuwed awound swiftly and spied da queep wunning tuwards us cuz he wanted tu steel a cup ob camp coffee....well dere I was I toled eberybody tu stay calm and wun downs by da fire and stay dere until all was clear and da Zombie wild pig was destwoyed.....I gwabbed my Zombie Smasher frum my Zombie Field Bag and as da Zombie wild pig came closer and closer I waised it up aboves me head and when he was wight by me almost on top ob me (man dis is intense) *paws sweeting heart beeten) BAMB! KAPOW! I hitted him ober da head and BANG he were gone no more Zombie wild pig....Well my Mom was in da camper sleepen and she came outside tu gets hur cup ob camp coffee *rolls eyes* She fweeked out and came wushing tu me and said "Oh my Frisbee dear little gurl are yu otay?" *rolls eyes again* I sayed yesss Muther I is otay." She den calmed down and gotted one ob my special Zombie Garbage bags whut desinigrates da Zombies when yu putted dem in dem....and KAZOO! All gone up in fhin air....Well soljurs dis concludes my weport frum Camp......Oh before I furget....eberybody came up tu da camp kitchen gotted dere cup ob camp coffee den Papa John and Couzin Wodney cooked bweakfast fur me sissy Pickie and Mom...pffffft....we only gotted a bite or twu...whut's up wiffhs dis! Not fair! Stingy Hoomens.....I will now take any questions yu may habe fur me about dis weport.....Yes yu soljur in da fwont whut is yur question?....#zshq #everybodylovesgoobie #angelbonnie
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