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I don'ts knows where Goobie comes frum but dats what Mom and Papa calls me!

I love walks wiff my Mom ands my sissy Pickie, barkin ands sniffin ebery night fur tha Ratcoons, stockin, diggin fur gufer (I likes tu pounce on tha holes), rides wiffs Mom or Papa, hangin my head outs tha window tu feels tha wind in my hair, helpin Mom in tha garden and yard diggin and chasin tha neighbur's cats.

I luvs my Mom and Papa vury much! I goes everyware wiffs Papa ins his truck. I gets to sits on his lap ands hangs my head out tha winda all tha time.  Mom says I is Papa's lil gurl and I b spoiled!

Papa ands I go downs tu the riber tu see alls tha fishermen friends, tu Grandma Mary's, to Papa's cuzin's house tu gets woods tu delivers and a lots of ober places tu.

Yur fwriend Frisbee Bradley

Monday, March 2, 2015

Neighburhood Zombie HQ Zombies destwoyed

Otay it's Monday Marchie 2nds, 2015. Frisbee Bradley is goen in wiffouts backups tu hunt downs da Zombies. I slowly *heart beaten* quept closur and closur tu whut I finks is da neighburhood Zombie HQ. I quept, non shontley awound so da Zombies wuldn'ts notice me was dere...Dis was my target...da yellow builden..I quept closur and closur now on my belly, *hits Gofer on head twying tu bite me* qualing and qualing on my belly I gots closur. I was almost tu da window, *heart beaten strong, paws swetty*....I was finally dere ands I culd hear voices, sounded more likes gwouls ands slobberen but I culd hear dem...Didn'ts sounds like a lot's but I hads tu make sure dey were Zombies....wiffs my Zombie Smasher in hand I cwalled up tu da window ons da side ob da builden.....I was on my two legs now sticken very close tu da builden, *sucked up tu builden*.....I culdn'ts see in da window cuz I is shortter dan a Zombie or Gweat Dane....I needed sompen tu stands on, *looks awound* den I sawed it....it waz a wound ob wood dat was abouts 2 feets tall..*purfect I sayed*....I ever so quietly wolled da wound ob wood closur tu me maken sure I was not detected..*stupped paw fingur*...wiffs my heart pounden and da adrellanen runnen, *wipes brows*...I kept on wollen da wound ob wood untils I gots it wight under da window...I was at a purfect height ands culdn't be detectad by whateber was in da builden....I got ever so quietly ups on da wound ob wood and got ups on top ob it, *wobbling a littlie bit*...I looked in and confurmend my suspesiens...dere were Zombies in da builden...*heart pounden*....I still hads a gwip on my Zombie Smasher den wealized Mom had sents me outs wiffs one ob her Hoomen Fart Bombs she made, *rolling eyes at Mom's envention*....I kept on looken *spying now wiffs opera glasses* and tu my surprise dere was a Genwal Zombie wiffs twu surgents...dey were looken ats a map ob my neighburhood....Slobberen and maken all kinds of nasty noises I culd makes out dat dey were plannen on attacken my good neighbur's houze dat dey tooks ober da yellow builden frum...*mad as hell* I had tu du sompen and wight now....I looked awound ands saw dat dere was a big vent on tops ob da woof...*light bulb went offs*  :idea I wuld quietly quall up on da woof and drops down one of my Hooman Fart Bombs I had...it wuld suffocates dem and dey wuld die...dat way it wuld not hurts da builden so da neighbur wuldn'ts suffer a loss....I qualled down frum da wound piece of wood and sticken close tu da builden..*hear pounding, paws sweaten* I quept awound tu da back ob da builden where dere was no window....I stood dere, my body sucked up tu da builden wonderen how I was going tu gets on tops ob da woof when I wemembered! Da last fing Mom tole me before I lefts fur pawtrol was not tu forgets my galashias wiffs da suckshion cups on dem, (she hads dem special mades just fur dis cituation).....I quickly tooks dem outs of my field pack, (dat's on my back), put dem on and was weady tu scale da wall tu da woof.  I scalled da wall very quietly, (stupid Zombies didn'ts eben heared me)....I finally gots tu da woof, *sigh ob welief* and gots my Hooman Fart Bomb outs of my back pack...I had free wiffs me, (Mom's are gweat!) ands decided tu use twu. I ever so quietly opened up da vent top, popped da pins and dropped dem down da vent den spit on da Zombies. BANG, POW, STINK....I had tu wear my gass mask (gots dat frum my back pack tu!) cuz da smell was horrific...I waited dere fur da time allowed fur a Hooman Fart Bomb to weact, (10 seconds) ands it was all ober! Da Zombie General and his stupid Seargents were dead and gone...discenturgated...(dat's what my Mom's Hooman Fart Bombs Du!)..da bombs smoke big time wiffs such stinkey smoke dat da Zombies dies wifin 10 seconds and dey discenturgate intu fin air! I cwalled down da builden, opened da door fur ventalation, burned da maps ands wents tu my houze where I tole my Mom abouts my pawtrol and destructions ob da Zombies, (I tole sissy Pickie tu), ands Mom saluted me and sayed tu me, "Job well done Goobie..Da neighburhood is a safer place." and den da best of all she gabed me twu Cookies...


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