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I don'ts knows where Goobie comes frum but dats what Mom and Papa calls me!

I love walks wiff my Mom ands my sissy Pickie, barkin ands sniffin ebery night fur tha Ratcoons, stockin, diggin fur gufer (I likes tu pounce on tha holes), rides wiffs Mom or Papa, hangin my head outs tha window tu feels tha wind in my hair, helpin Mom in tha garden and yard diggin and chasin tha neighbur's cats.

I luvs my Mom and Papa vury much! I goes everyware wiffs Papa ins his truck. I gets to sits on his lap ands hangs my head out tha winda all tha time.  Mom says I is Papa's lil gurl and I b spoiled!

Papa ands I go downs tu the riber tu see alls tha fishermen friends, tu Grandma Mary's, to Papa's cuzin's house tu gets woods tu delivers and a lots of ober places tu.

Yur fwriend Frisbee Bradley

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Holloween!

Happys Holloween's tu all ob my fwriends outs there in Blogville!

Not tu much excitement tunite. Mom took me and sissy Pickie arounds tu some of hur fwriends houses tunite fur a treat! Yummy!

I gots tu goes as a ghost, (I was really scary tu), and sissy gots tu goes as a princess wiffs a pink dress and little crown.

We all hads a lot's ob fun tunite and now I is pooped. It be time fur me tu put on my pj's, look in da treat bag and goes tu bed wiffs Mom and sissy.

Nite all ob my fwriends....talk tu yu's tumorrows!

Yur fwriend Frisbee Bradley....just calls me Goobie fur short!


  1. Happy Howl-o-ween, Frisbee & Pickie!! AAaarrrRRoooOOOoooo!

    1. Thants yu Finley! We had a lot's ob fun last nite me and sissy Pickie!

  2. Me and Stanley gave out candy last night. Not too many kids came this year even though the weather was pawfect.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    PS - Remember to vote in the Blogville election on TUESDAY!

  3. Sounds like yu ands Stanley had a lot's ob fun! Dere's nothin better dan bein in controls ob the CANDY...but no chocolate...Maybe da kids wents tu a lot's ob Holloween parties ands couldn'ts find da time tu stop by yur house. :( Thants fur remindin me tu vote Tuesday! Takes care my fwriend!

  4. Hi Frisbee, Welcome to Blogville!! My name is Winston, I'm a ten year old Wirehaired Fox Terrier and I live with two C*A*T*S, Chloe and Cecil!

    1. Hi Winston and Shawn it's nice tu meets yu's guys! Thants fur da welcomes tu Blogville...I reably appreciates it a lot's. I lubs makin new fwriends and da Blogville is da best place tu meets new fwriends and eberyone is so nice! I libes wiffs one cat ands his name is Mr. Kitty, (I calls him Mom's stupid cat for shorts). Generally I likes tu chase da neighburs cats ebery chance I gets buts I don'ts chase Mr. Kitty cause he's Mom's cat and my Mom don'ts likes it whens I trys tu chases him! Hopes yu had a gwreat weekend like I dids! Take cares!


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