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I don'ts knows where Goobie comes frum but dats what Mom and Papa calls me!

I love walks wiff my Mom ands my sissy Pickie, barkin ands sniffin ebery night fur tha Ratcoons, stockin, diggin fur gufer (I likes tu pounce on tha holes), rides wiffs Mom or Papa, hangin my head outs tha window tu feels tha wind in my hair, helpin Mom in tha garden and yard diggin and chasin tha neighbur's cats.

I luvs my Mom and Papa vury much! I goes everyware wiffs Papa ins his truck. I gets to sits on his lap ands hangs my head out tha winda all tha time.  Mom says I is Papa's lil gurl and I b spoiled!

Papa ands I go downs tu the riber tu see alls tha fishermen friends, tu Grandma Mary's, to Papa's cuzin's house tu gets woods tu delivers and a lots of ober places tu.

Yur fwriend Frisbee Bradley

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Medal/Certificate weceived

I'm so very eggcited tu show yu guys whut I just gotted. I am pwoudly surving in da fight against da walken dead, (Zombies but den yu alweady knew dis wight?) in da #ZombieSquade Seals divison...I am a Sergent ands Assistant Commander Infantry (ACI) in da Zombie Squad Force 3......

Wecently I wented intu battle wiffs da Zombies cuz dey kidnapped ZS General Biscuit...whut a battle tu....it will goes down in histowy as da biggest battle ob all time...(well almost)...but it was an impawtent one fur sure ands we foughted da Zombies, destwoyed dem ands wescued General Biscuit...It was pawsomeness ands I gotted dis as well dids my obher team players in da ZSF3....

Well I just wanted tu sharzie dis wiffs yu'all so yu can see ands knows dat Frisbee Bradley....aka Goobie.....da  WuNdEr WeStIe is helpen keeps da wurld a safer place frum da dweaded, stinkie, wotten smellen, butt picken, boogur eaten (can's yu tell I don'ts likes Zombies?) Zombies......I will pwoudly continue tu serve da Zombie Squad in all ob my duty fields dat I gots!!!! Die Zombies Die.....

Da ends!


  1. Congratulations! You must be proud of your accomplishment!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. I am very pwoud ands so is my Mom pals!

  2. Thant's yu Murphy ands Stanley! I am pwoud ob my accomplishment fur sure!


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