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I don'ts knows where Goobie comes frum but dats what Mom and Papa calls me!

I love walks wiff my Mom ands my sissy Pickie, barkin ands sniffin ebery night fur tha Ratcoons, stockin, diggin fur gufer (I likes tu pounce on tha holes), rides wiffs Mom or Papa, hangin my head outs tha window tu feels tha wind in my hair, helpin Mom in tha garden and yard diggin and chasin tha neighbur's cats.

I luvs my Mom and Papa vury much! I goes everyware wiffs Papa ins his truck. I gets to sits on his lap ands hangs my head out tha winda all tha time.  Mom says I is Papa's lil gurl and I b spoiled!

Papa ands I go downs tu the riber tu see alls tha fishermen friends, tu Grandma Mary's, to Papa's cuzin's house tu gets woods tu delivers and a lots of ober places tu.

Yur fwriend Frisbee Bradley

Monday, May 4, 2015

Binky Bears Line dance pawty

I wecently attended my Tweeter fwiend Binky Bear's Line dance pawty ands dis is whut I weared tu it.......I spit shinned by Cowgurl boots, putted on my hat den aways I wented..My Mom knowed I was goin she sayed it was otay but my Papa didn'ts knowed I wuld be in attandence at da pawty.....He didn'ts eben misses me whens I lefted our houze.....I quepped silentely outs da garage door, jumped on my Zombie cycle, (hads tu putted on my Zombie cycle helment fur saftey don'ts yu knows)...ands aways I wented....
Dis my Zombie cycle...now my fwiends mosts ob yu mights fhink....hows do I weach da peddels...Well I telled yu hows.....Dere is a speciel buttun on dis cycle dat I pushes ands da peddels comes tu me...kinda likes da Bat mobile has special buttens don'ts yu know.....anyways ons wiffs da storie....
I wented tu Binky's pawty, (my fwiend Obe Juan Kanobie was hosten it). Dere was a lot's ob gweat food, gweat alcholec bevereges, (speciallys Coors Lite), gweat fwiends dere some I justs metted ands ob course lots ands lots ob gweat fun dat was had by all especiallys me Goobie....I'm glads I wented ands my Papa didn'ts eben misses me! Baa ha ha!

Dat's about it..I wents...I sawed...I ates...I dwanks ands I peddeled backs tu my houze...ands it was a lonnng peddel tu!

Da Ends!

Fhank yu fur visiten my Blog dat's all abouts me!


  1. That is a cool cycle and your outfit is awesome! Good thing you slipped out without your daddy finding out.

    Your Pals,


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